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Prayer Essentials For Living in His Presence Volume 1
Prayer Essentials For Living in His Presence Volume 1 by Sylvia Gunter

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Author: Sylvia Gunter
Format: 8.5 x 11" Spiral-Bound
Length: 306 Pages

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Prayer Essentials for Living in His Presence picks up where Prayer Portions left off. Prayer Essentials will whet your holy hunger to see God move in our day with His awesome reviving presence. It will challenge you toward clean hands and pure heart and equip you for new levels of spiritual opposition. It builds on the Father-heart and intimate friendship with God in Prayer Portions. It emphasizes the pleasures of prayer, beyond duty to joy and delight. It will lead you to actually keep company with God often in prayer, not just talk about prayer. It will encourage your praying with a keen sense of the presence of God. It is for those who are serious about consciously living in God's presence and praying by His direction. It contains fresh inspiration for times when you have prayed everything you know to pray and need the help of the Holy Spirit in praying His prayers.

Table of Contents




1 Introduction

The Potency of Prayer


Beyond Believing in Prayer

What Good is Prayer?

What God Has Been Saying to Me

Core Truths from Prayer Portions

Christ my Life

Truth is a Person

The Purpose

You Are Invited

2 Worship and the Wonder of His Presence

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise


Whys and Wherefores of Praise and Thanksgiving

Worship the Lord Your God

What do Worshipers Look Like?

Prayer Postures Into His Presence

Worship Quotient

Praying the Names of God

Gods Sufficiency Exceeds Our Need

Gods Riches for my Poverty

For His Names Sake

Our Glorious and Awesome God

What we do in Relation to Gods Name

I Am I Am, and I Am All You Need

Green Eggs and I Am

Beyond God is Great, God is Good

God is Able

Journal of Gratitude in the Empty Nest Season of Life

The Isaiah Names of God

The Revelation Portrait of Jesus

Revelation Worship Scenes

Psalms of Covenantal Blessings for 31 Days

O Worship the King

3 Repentance and Revival by His Holy Presence

Oh, Rend the Skies


Do Christians Need to Repent Today?

What is Repentance?

Conviction or Condemnation?

Clean Hands, Pure Heart Inventory

I Consider My Ways

Proud Spirits, Humble Hearts

Not I but Christ

What is Brokenness?

If it Aint Broke, Break it!

O Lord God Hear my Confession


Fasting Reading List

Fast of Words

What Fasting Does

Fasting Journal

The Sins of the Fathers

Obedience Brings Blessing Disobedience Brings Consequences

What Fruit is Growing on Your Family Tree?

Discerning and Repenting for Generational Strongholds

Prayer of Forgiveness for the Family

One Another Commands in the New Testament

If My People Praying 2 Chronicles 7:14

Confessing the Ten Commandments

Making a Covenant with God for Revival

Revival Prayer

Daniel 9/Ezra 9 Model of Repentance

Model of Repentance in Revelation 2-3

You Dont Need an Apology You Need God

Overlook an Offense

What God Does With Sin When We Repent and Ask Forgiveness

The Language of Repentance

4 Spiritual Warfare by the Power of His Presence

Lead On, O King Eternal


Victory in Jesus

Jesus is Far Above All

Psalm 91 Gods Protecting Presence

The Shelter of Most High God

Our Commander in Chief is Entirely Responsible for Us

Warfare Prayer

Praying Psalm 35

SWAT Spiritual Weapons and Tactics

Praying Exodus 14:13-14

Spirit of Separation

Strongholds in the Church

Discerning Ahab and Jezebel in Post-Modern Times

Three-Fold Attack of Jezebel Spirit in Families and Organizations

Stopping Harassment with Prayer

Praying on the Armor for Others

Breaking Generational Strongholds

Breaking the Power of Strongholds for a Loved One

Soul Ties

Continual Hedge of Protection Against Soul Ties

Reversing Soulish Prayers and Word Curses

The Sit, Walk, Stand of Spiritual Warfare Praying

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

Unforgiveness, Prayer, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare

The Battle is the Lords

The Battle is the Lords Conditions of our Victory from the Psalms

The Battle is the Lords Warfare Petitions and Battle Conditions

The Battle is the Lords What God will do for me

The Battle is the Lords What God Does to His Enemies According to Psalms

The Battle is the Lords What God Does to His Enemies According to Isaiah

Who is on the Lords Side? I Am!


5 Amen

You are Invited

Alphabetical Index of Titles


About the Auhtor

Over the past 30 years,Sylvia Gunter has led groups, spoken, led retreats, done prayer counseling, and faced individual prayer challenges. All of Sylvia's resources are developed in prayer in real life situations in response to real needs. Believers around the world have graciously said that God has used these materials to encourage, strengthen, comfort, and equip them for deeper relationship with Him and effective intercession.

Prayer Portions and For The Familywas the first overflow of those experiences. Then God led Sylvia through her own back-side-of-the-desert experience, from which Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence is the overflow. Sylvia's spiritual journey is evident in the "Intimacy With God" section. You can trace God's footprints in the healing prayers in the "Intercession" section. You can trace the source of her strength in the "Word Of God" section. God's new depth for her is visible in the "Worship" and "Repentance And Revival" sections. His new arenas where He wants to reveal Himself as Mighty Warrior can be seen in the "Spiritual Warfare" sections.

Sylvia lives in Birmingham with her husband John, now retired from his position as a telecommunications executive. They have three adult children (Charley, David, and Elizabeth), and two grandkids (Richmond and Margie Louise).