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Harold and I
Harold and I

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Author: Mary Chapian
Subtitle: Am Incredible Journey of Supernatural Events
Format: Paperback
Length: 291 Pages
Published: 2007

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What do you do when life hands you marshmallows? If you're Bellflower Munch you make marshmallow sandwiches, of course?

Enter the amazing and hilarious world of mystery-solving, secret exposing and danger-surviving antics with 11 year-old Bellflower and her guardian angel, Harold.

Living in the attic of two grumpy old ladies, can Bellflower bring her mother home again? Can she do anything right? - or does she only find herself in more trouble?

Climb aboard with Bellflower and Harold for an incredible journey of supernatural events you won't forget!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: My Big Fat Move to Lake Clearbottom

Chapter 2: How Pathetic Can You Get?

Chapter 3: Welcome to Weirdsville

Chapter 4: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Smart

Chapter 5: More Un-Fun in Lake Clearbottom

Chapter 6: Poem Trouble

Chapter 7: Fate Strikes on the Rink

Chapter 8: Harold Shows Up

Chapter 9: Great Aunt Twill's Deep, Dark Secrets

Chapter 10: The Bittle Surprise

Chapter 11: An Incredible Journey Consisting of Supernatural Events

Chapter 12: The All-New Bellflower

Chapter 13: Spying May Not Be Good for Your Health

Chapter 14: Caught in the Act of Entering

Chapter 15: Calamity at Marvelous Marvels

Chapter 16: Starring the Lord Jesus in Person

Chapter 17: Can Somebody Please Tell Me Who I Am, Please?

Chapter 18: Trapped in Sausages

Chapter 19: Christmas Eve Like No Other

Chapter 20: Does Anybody Here Believe in Miracles?

About the Author

Marie Chapian is one of the leading modern-day authorities on angels and supernatural phenomena. A Christian author of over 30 books and winner of the prestigious Gold Medallion award for her teen devotional, Feeling Small, Walking Tall, Marie has also written five children's books. Trained in Bible college and seminary, she also holds secular degrees in counseling, creative writing, and art. Marie is a Bible teacher and seminar speaker, and the experiences she writes about are based on actual experiences.