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Your Power in the Holy Spirit
Your Power in the Holy Spirit by John G Lake

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Author: John G Lake
Format: Paperback
Length: 301 Pages
Published: 2010

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John G. Lake was anointed by God with power to reach the sick and lost in miraculous ways. Over 100,000 healings were recorded in five years through his ministry. You, too, can personally experience the outpouring of Holy Spirit power through your life and . . .

  • Develop a faith for miracles
  • Be a more powerful witness
  • Live above the circumstances of your life
  • Have new joy and purpose
  • Manifest the gifts of the Spirit
  • Exercise authority over evil spirits
  • Trust God to meet all your needs

If you hearts desire is to see great things happen in your life. God will work mightily in you by the power of His Spirit so that you can personally experience His miracle-working power.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Baptism in the Holy Ghost

Chapter 2: The Forerunner of Gods Latter Rain

Chapter 3: My Baptism in the Holy Spirit and How the Lord Sent Me to Africa

Interpretation of Tongues:

Chapter 4: Guidance

Chapter 5: The Secret of Power

Chapter 6: The Vision

Radio Addresses, Adventures in Religion Series:

Chapter 7: Notable Christians in History (#1)

Chapter 8: A New Wave of Heavenly Experience (#2)

Chapter 9: The Wondrous Value of Heaven (#3)

Chapter 10: Artillery from Heaven (#4)

Chapter 11: Miracles Are for Today (#5)

Chapter 12: The Challenger of Darkness (#6)

Chapter 13: Jesus Program of Deliverance (#7)

Chapter 14: The Miraculous Realm of the Spirit (#8)

Chapter 15: Deeper Purposes of God (#9)

Chapter 16: The Tangible Presence of the Holy Spirit (#10)

Chapter 17: The Spirit of Dominion and the Church (#11)

Chapter 18: Following the Trail of Jesus (#12)


Chapter 19: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Chapter 20: The Calling of the Soul

Chapter 21: Christian Consciousness

Chapter 22: Consciousness of God

Chapter 23: Discernment

Chapter 24: Holiness unto the Lord

Chapter 25: The Holy Ghost Made Manifest

Chapter 26: Ministry of the Spirit

Chapter 27: The Power of the Spirit

Chapter 28: Reality

Chapter 29: Remarkable Manifestations of the Spirit in South Africa

Chapter 30: The Spirit of God

Sermon Series:

Chapter 31: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost, Sermon 1

Chapter 32: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost, Sermon 2

Chapter 33: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Some of the Things It Has Produced in My Life, Sermon 3

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