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Your Highest Calling
Your Highest Calling by Bill Hamon

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Author: Bill Hamon
Subtitle: Discover the Secret Processes that Fulfill Your Destiny
Format: Paperback
Length: 219 Pages
Published: 2019

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All Christians who long to be conformed to Christlikeness will go though two crucial processes: The Process for Conformity and the Law of Transformation. Gain a workable knowledge of what they are and how God is using them to fulfill His highest calling for your life.

With keen scriptural insight and personal application. Dr Bill Hamon tackles the hard issues believers face as the crowning glory of creation. Here you will discover:
  • How you are a co-laborer together with God
  • How to have a new view of the trials you face
  • How to apply wisdom and insight to your life every day
  • How your “enemies” are actually working for you
  • And more!

Only as we understand the process through which God conforms us to the likeness of His Son do we accomplish our highest calling - and reign with Jesus for all eternity.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jennifer LeClaire
Chapter 1: God’s Purpose for His Greatest Creation
Chapter 2: What is Man
Chapter 3: God’s Highest Desire and Purpose in Creating Man
Chapter 4: God’s Inheritance in the Saints
Chapter 5: The Higher the Calling, The Greater the Testing Process
Chapter6: How the Process Works
Chapter 7: Major Examples of the Conforming Process
Chapter 8: When Loss is Gain
Chapter 9: Conforming to Jesus’ Ability to Forgive
Chapter 10: Marriage in the Conforming Process
Chapter 11: What Christlikeness Looks Like
“10 M’s”

About the Author:
Bishop Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministry Network. A prophet for more than 60 years, he has prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for more than 500,000 in prophetic ministry. He has authored several major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda.