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Wounded in the Church
Wounded in the Church by Ray Beeson and Chris Hayward

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Author: Ray Beeson and Chris Hayward
Subtitle: Hope Beyond the Pain
Format: Paperback
Length: 251 Pages
Published: 2017

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Church should be a safe place, right? Then why do so many get hurt there?

Ray Beeson and Chris Hayward combine their years of ministry experience to address head-on the elephant in the room: church members and church leaders hurt Christians. All the time. And the long-lasting effects – rejection, shame, despair, loneliness, fear – can be devastating. The authors have witnessed the rise of the “dones,” those who are just done with God thanks to scars from church.

With first-person stories of hurt and loss, this book is a wake-up call for any who deny woundedness in the church but is also a redemptive message for any who hurt from church wounds. Leaders and laypeople alike will learn how to grieve over abuse, to leave unhealthy attitudes and patterns that cause pain, and to trust in God’s real, delivering work through churches that build up, not tear down.

Thanks to the grace of God, there is always hope beyond the pain.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: The Pain
Chapter 1: I Thought Church Would Be Different
Chapter 2: The Pain Goes So Deep
Chapter 3: Where Does All This Pain Come From?
Chapter 4: Nobody Sees Me
Chapter 5: I Feel Beat Up in church
Chapter 6: I Live in Shame All the Time
Chapter 7: I Feel Used
Chapter 8: I Can’t Forgive
Part 2: The Hope
Chapter 9: Will I Ever Get Past the Pain?
Chapter 10: Why Do I Feel So Unsafe in Church?
Chapter 11: I Can’t Keep Up with All the Rules
Chapter 12: What’s Wong with These People?
Chapter 13: I Just Need to Be Perfect
Chapter 14: The Church Doesn’t Seem to Care
Chapter 15: How Do I Find a Good Church?
Chapter 16: Hope Beyond the Pain
Appendix A: Demonic Lies and Doctrines
Appendix B: 101 Principles for Living in the Kingdom of Light
About the Authors

There are multitudes of people from all walks of life suffering from dee wounds and great pain. They are seeking help, hope, healing, and happiness. When they turn to the church for answers they are often hurt worse rather than embraced, understood, and led though a healing process. Most churches are ill prepared to bring wholeness to these hurting individuals. Often the leadership of the church hinders rather than helps by not having been equipped to address the real issues at the source. Deliverance and inner healing are misunderstood by much of the church, and shunned, ignored, or glossed over with holy-sounding answers. Wounded in the Church very accurately describes the seriousness of the issue, and pinpoints the existing need with many true-life examples. We are deeply indebted to Chris Hayward and Ray Beeson for exposing these problems, and especially for indicating ways to repair them. I love this book, and I know you will also!
Doris Wagner, Global Spheres, Inc., Wife of C. Peter Wagner

Our churches and ministries are filled with hurting hearts – among them, those who too often have been wounded by the body of Christ itself. These are suffering souls we cannot ignore; problems we cannot sweep under the proverbial rug. We would Christ when we wound others! Wounded in the Church is a powerful resource every church leader urgently needs. Filled with honest and heartbreaking stories, this book will open your eyes to the real emotional pain for too many are experiencing at the hands of those who should be loving them into the kingdom. Don’t miss this timely and life-transforming message. It’s needed now more than ever.
Dr. Dick Eastman, International President, Every Home for Christ

About the Authors:
Chris Hayward has been the president of Cleansing Stream Ministries (CSM) for over eighteen years. CSM is an organization dedicated to equipping local churches for biblically balanced, sound and effective healing and deliverance ministry. He is also the author of God’s Cleansing Stream and The End of Rejection. He currently makes his home in Santa Clarita, CA, with his wife, Karen. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Ray Beeson is the director of Overcomers Ministries, a teaching ministry with a special emphasis on spiritual warfare and prayer. Ray was a junior high and senior high school mathematics teacher until joining the International Prayer corps with Dick Eastman. Ray has authored numerous books including Signed in His Blood and co-authored The Hidden Price of Greatness. He lives with his wife, Linda, in Ventura, CA, their home for over thirty-five years. They have four grown children.