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Worship Warfare and Intercession Before the Throne of God
Worship, Warfare and Intercession Before the Throne of God by Robert Misst

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Author: Robert Misst
Format: Paperback
Length: 339 Pages
Published: 2011

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Worship, Warfare and Intercession before the Throne of God was born from the foundry of over twenty-three years of prophetic intercession for the nations. Bob travelled with prophetic intercessors to China and Japan in the Far East, and to many nations on the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Canada and Australia. In 2010, in a vision, Bob was caught up into heaven, where the Lord gave him a glimpse of the worship, warfare and intercession before the throne of God. Later, God told him to write the book.

Worship, Warfare and Intercession before the Throne of God is that book. This book teaches us how we can pattern our worship according to the worship in heaven. It calls us to join with heaven in intercession and warfare for the return of the Lord and the setting up of His kingdom on the earth. Events are unfolding at a rapid speed, and the church, the true bride, must get herself ready. Heaven waits to hear her voice as one sound with heaven.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jill Shannon


Part 1: The Pattern of Worship

Chapter 1: We See in Part, We Prophesy in Part

Chapter 2: Vision of Heavenly Worship 1 The New Heavenly Pattern

Chapter 3: Vision of Heavenly Worship 2 The Music and Worship of Heaven

Chapter 4: Creating the Sounds of Heaven by Jill Shannon A Songwriters Journey into the New Sound

Part 2: The Pattern of Intercession as it is in Heaven

Chapter 5: Preparing the Earth for the Return of the Lord

Chapter 6: Joining Heaven in Intercession

Chapter 7: The Final Judgments

Chapter 8: Dealing with Giants and Idols Hindrances to Entering the Worship, Warfare and Intercession

Chapter 9: Putting it all Together Practical Tips on Worship, Warfare and Intercession

About the Author

When he met the Lord Jesus Christ in 1974, Robert Misst struggled hard to surrender his complete life to Christ. In the mean time, he served on various church renewal programs. In 1981, he helped establish a Covenant Christian Community in Mumbai, India. In 1987, a major change took place in his ministry. God called him into prophetic intercession for the nations. He and his team lead night vigils of worship and intercession for the city, the church and the nations. This drew crowds of over 1500 people spending a whole night of worship and intercession in the heart of Mumbai city. He and his team travelled to many parts of India teaching prophetic intercession to the body of Christ. Gradually, the fire of intercessory prayer spread across the nation of India. Between 1989 and to this day, Bob has travelled with intercessory prayer teams to many nations across the globe. In 2002, the Lord called Bob to more to New Zealand. He and his family currently are New Zealand citizens, and live in Auckland. In 2005, with a team of 11 others, he travelled the length of New Zealand praying for the nation to open up to the Lord. Bob works with intercessors and prophet in New Zealand. He also works with the leadership of the National Days of Prayer network.


This book is not for the fainthearted! It is an urgent call to the church in every nation to prepare for, and hasten, the return of Jesus Christ as King of the Nations. The book is not designed to bless and make you feel good, but to challenge and change the reader! It could make most pastors nervous as Bob rightly observes that to follow the teaching would result in a new overhaul of how we do church. There is rich teaching on worship and intercession that could change the destiny of cities and nations. I found the book fresh in insights, experiences and compelling in its urgency. Bob stretched me with his long term vision by advocating that the church should disciple people now for ruling the nations with Christ in the age to come!

Pastor David Carson, Director, Intercessors for Canada, Vancouver, BC

This book is absolutely crucial to our preparation as the Lords pure and spotless Bride. As you read Bobs holy testimonies, your own worship, warfare and intercessions will be accelerated in the Spirit, and you will be in step with the very heartbeat of God. You will also experience the Lords heart of relentless pursuit to dwell with us on earth in response to His Brides cry for His return.

Cathy Minnick, Sr. Chaplain, Royersford, PA