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World On Fire
World On Fire The Welsh Revival by Rick Joyner

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Author: Rick Joyner
Subtitle: The Welsh Revival and Its Lessons For Our Time
Format: Paperback
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 2013

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This book is about the Welsh Revival, arguably the greatest revival ever. What happened in Wales so captivated the world that the front pages of virtually every major newspaper carried the story. This is not just a history of that most remarkable time, but it contains lessons that we need for our own time.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: A Foundation for Revival
Chapter 1: The Fire Begins
Chapter 2: The Plan Was Not to Plan
Chapter 3: No Superstars
Chapter 4: The Power of Prayer
Chapter 5: Unlikely Origins, Unlikely Heroes
Chapter 6: The Course Is Set
Chapter 7: Spontaneous Combustion
Chapter 8: No Silent Week
Chapter 9: God Uses Men
Chapter 10: They Took Up the Cross
Chapter 11: Can A Nation Be Born Again?
Part 2: Lessons from the Welsh Revival

Chapter 12: Why the Fire Falls
Chapter 13: Renewal vs. Restoration
Chapter 14: Can Intercession Bring Revival?
Chapter 15: Idealism vs. Revelation
Chapter 16: Organization vs. Freedom
Chapter 17: Unity is Required
Chapter 18: The Control Spirit, Intolerance, and Pharisaism
Chapter 19: The Highest Form of Unity
Part 3: The Coming Harvest
Chapter 20: God Will Do It Again
Chapter 21: A Vision of the Harvest

About the Author:

Rick Joyner
is the founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries, and has authored more than forty books, including The Final Quest Trilogy, There Were Two Trees in the Garden, and A New America.