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Who is God?
Who is God? by Harold Eberle

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Author: Harold Eberle
Format: Paperback
Length: 227 Pages
Published: 2008

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Who is God? The answer you give to this question will have a profound impact upon your life. It establishes the sense of security and confidence in which you live. It influences every decision you make and every prayer you say. It determines how you see yourself and how you treat others. Your concept of God is at the foundation of everything you believe and everything you do.

Read this book and your foundation will shift. Your beliefs will be challenged. Your life will change. In the end, God will be more real and personal to you.

Table of Contents



Part 1: The God of the Bible

Chapter 1: Almighty Creator

Chapter 2: Gods Love and Vulnerability

Chapter 3: Gods Image and Likeness

Chapter 4: The Giver of Blessings

Chapter 5: God is Relational, Social and Personal

Chapter 6: God Shows Favor

Chapter 7: What Pleases God?

Chapter 8: God is an Emotional Being

Chapter 9: God is a Covenant-Maker

Chapter 10: God Changes His Mind

Chapter 11: God is Sovereign

Part 2: A Philosophical Concept of God

Chapter 12: The Philosophers Understanding

Chapter 13: Augustines Concept of God

Chapter 14: The Classical View of God

Chapter 15: Sovereignty and Predestination

Chapter 16: Modern Churchs View of God

Part 3: Two Views in Conflict

Chapter 17: Different Views of God

Chapter 18: Is God Timeless or Eternal?

Chapter 19: Does the Future Already Exist?

Chapter 20: Is God Omniscient?

Chapter 21: Does God Know All of the Future?

Chapter 22: God Takes Risks, But Makes No Mistakes

Chapter 23: Because of Relationship, Covenant and Love

Part 4: What is God Doing?

Chapter 24: Determinism versus Openness

Chapter 25: God is in Charge

Chapter 26: God is Working with Us

Chapter 27: Our Lives and Vocations

Chapter 28: The Timing of the Second Coming

Part 5: The Nature of Humankind

Chapter 29: Created in Gods Image

Chapter 30: Capabilities of the Human Heart

Chapter 31: We are Valuable

Chapter 32: We are Lovable

Part 6: Implications of the Sun-like Image

Chapter 33: Sun-like Love

Chapter 34: God is Love

Chapter 35: Judgment and Atonement

Chapter 36: God and Prophecy

Chapter 37: Praying According to Gods Will

Chapter 38: Our Image of God and Our Ethics

Chapter 39: God is Good

Part 7: Death, Evil and Suffering

Chapter 40: The Nature of Creation

Chapter 41: The Origin of Death

Chapter 42: The Origin of Evil

Chapter 43: Suffering and Pain Happen

Chapter 44: God Can Cause Suffering

Chapter 45: Why Do Babies Die?


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We understand God today much better than we have in a long time. Harold Eberles profound book on the nature of God is definitely the cutting edge. I agree with him that God is considerably more open to changing circumstances than most of us have been taught. This is stimulating theology.

C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

Harold R. Eberle has written a remarkable book. For clarity and simplicity of statement, it is difficult to know how it could be improved. The issues with which he deals are central to the issue of a Hebraic understanding of God over and against a Greek understanding. In the debate on the issue of an open future versus a predestined future in every detail, this book should be taken into account. Many will disagree and many will agree with the thesis of this book. The central issue of personhood of God and the worth of man in His image, however, should not be avoided.

Dr. Daniel Juster, Director of Tikkun International

About the Author

Harold R. Eberle has authored more than twenty books, founded several Bible Colleges in Africa, and traveled the world preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Linda, live in Yakima, WA, where they raised their three children, who are now grown and out on their own.