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Last Adam
Who Has Bewitched You by Emerson Ferrell

Price: $9.99
Author: Emerson Ferrell
Subtitle: Ever Ascending Resurrection Series Vol 1
Format: Paperback
Length: 109 Pages
Published: 2014

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All spirits come from God. That means we all knew this majestic plan beginning with Adam and ending where we began – inside God through Jesus Christ, as the last Adam. This one scripture is the very heart of the book . . . “And so it is said, the first man Adam was a living soul. The last Adam is a life-giving spirit.” (1 Cor. 15:45 BBE)

Get ready because the veil that has hidden your true nature and identity is about to be ripped off of you forever! And the gospel reached by the last Adam is the power for your transformation. This isn’t a how-to book to improve your current status. It’s the key that will unlock what you already knew before the foundation of the world!

Do you want to reclaim what Adam lost? Do you want to have a creative voice with a frequency of faith that causes the material world to respond? You can have what Adam lost and discover . . .
  • The hidden mystery of sin
  • How the author of sin became its greatest victim
  • The truth about the power and authority Adam lost

This is the first book in a series of short exposés designed to reveal the ever ascending power of the living Christ. Man was created in the image of the One who created all things. The last Adam was not only resurrected over death, but He also defeated the fear of it. If you’ve ever been afraid, it’s because you haven’t been told the truth about your true identity. Today, when you hear His voice, take that first step into overcoming fear forever. That’s what the last Adam gave us. Now, the choice is yours – but you need to take it!

Table of Contents:
Ever Ascending: The Resurrection Series
Chapter 1: Adam’s Blood
Chapter 2: What is Sin?
Chapter 3: Abraham by Faith
Chapter 4: Moses and the Law
Chapter 5: Gospel of Grace
Chapter 6: The Many Gospels
Chapter 7: The Last Adam