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Who Has Bewitched You?
Who Has Bewitched You by Emerson Ferrell

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Author: Emerson Ferrell
Subtitle: Ever Ascending: The Resurection Series Vol 2
Format: Paperback
Length: 145 Pages
Published: 2015

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There is nothing more important than the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is what defines the superiority of Christianity over every other religion in the world.

This book will expose you to the greatest witchcraft ever perpetuated on the Church, which is the mixing of truth with lies. There is no doubt Jesus was resurrected, but to twist the fact that He was in the earth 3 days and 3 nights, by celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday, takes away the accuracy and power of every prophetic scripture written about Him as our Messiah.

When one’s conscience compromises to adapt the Truth to tradition, we also brake the shield against deception. This is not just any book, it is the most powerful weapon you will ever need to unlock the prophetic in the Bible, to dismantle any lie and to live by His Truth
You will have the key to the mysteries of God hidden for generations.

This book is the second volume in the Ever Ascending: The Resurrection Series

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Lasting Impressions
Chapter 2: My Early Church Years
Chapter 3: The Modern Day Galatia Church
Chapter 4: Foundations
Chapter 5: Word of Faith
Chapter 6: Have Faith in God
Chapter 7: Faith is in the Truth of What Christ Did
Chapter 8: The Spirit of Prophecy Revealed
Chapter 9: Resurrection Deception
Chapter 10: The Prophetic is Historically Proven
Chapter 11: The Week that Changed the World
Chapter 12: The Week that Fulfilled the Law
Chapter 13: Wave Offering