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White House Watchmen
White House Watchmen by Jon and Jolene Hamill

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Author: Jon and Jolene Hamill
Subtitle: New Era Prayer Strategies to Shape the Future of Our Nation
Format: Paperback
Length: 306 Pages
Published: 2020

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With liberty and justice for all . . . Historic turnarounds are now in play. Yet at the same time, powerful forces seek to destroy the Judeo-Christian foundations which have secured America’s greatness. Awakening must prevail. Prayer must prevail. Life must prevail.

The turnaround must be completed.

You are called to be a change-agent for this unprecedented prophetic moment. Your children and grandchildren are counting on it, your nation is waiting for it, the church is in desperate need of it. And this book will equip you for victory.

Long behind the scenes in Washington DC, Jon and Jolene Hamill have come out of the shadows to expose the true battle and empower your success. In White House Watchmen, the Hamills share incredible untold stories, prophetic words, and revelatory encounters within the highest halls of government, where a genuine move of God is shaping the course of our nation.

White House Watchmen will:
  • Unveil 20 groundbreaking prophetic priorities conveying Heaven’s strategy for the coming days.
  • Showcase unprecedented governmental turnarounds in answer to your prayers.
  • Expose the Deep State Deliverance that Heaven wants to release.
  • Empower you to shut the gates of demonic sabotage and secure your inheritance.
  • Reveal ancient secrets by the prophet Daniel now affecting nations.
  • Equip you for “secret service” in the spirit as a special ops prayer warrior.
  • Restore your hope as covenant restoration abolishes Heaven’s governmental blessing in your household, family and nation.

Discover how to pray powerful, earth-shaking prayers for America that hit Heaven’s target every time. It all starts with stepping into your assignment as a White House Watchman.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Cindy Jacobs
Introduction: Watchman, What of the Night
2015 – Vision of a White House Turnaround
Section 1: Blood Moon at Midnight
Chapter 1: The Conflict of Crowns
Chapter 2: The Trump Turnaround
Chapter 3: Postponing Armageddon
Chapter 4: Deep State Deliverance
Chapter 5: Forged in the Valley
Chapter 6: Anointed for Victory! Twenty Prophecies for the 2020s

Section 2: Equipping for Victory
Chapter 7: White House Watchmen
Chapter 8: Securing Your Perimeter
Chapter 9: Daniel’s Secrets
Chapter 10: Covenant Reset
Chapter 11: The Turnaround Verdict

Section 3: Securing Your Future
Chapter 12: Drain the Swamp, Secure the Harvest!
Chapter 13: Dethroning Jezebel! The Conflict of Queens
Chapter 14: Authorized to Possess
Chapter 15: American Passover
Chapter 16: The Governmental Glory
Appendix: Compilation of Verdicts from Heaven’s Court


At a time when many people are on a crazed quest to fundamentally change America and shape the world, no doubt inspired by unseen spiritual forces, skilled spiritual warriors are desperately needed. In his 1910 classic Power Through Prayer, E.M. Bounds said, “The Church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men.” Indeed, people are God’s methods. Never has that been more clearly demonstrated than through Jon and Jolene Hamill. The assignments Holy Spirit has engaged them in have been both numerous and very strategic. Frankly, while reading this book, you may find yourself wondering, Did these things really occur? This actually happened. And now, not only do you get to enjoy the stories, but you can learn the lessons gleaned from their high-level assignments.
Dutch Sheets, Dutch Sheets Ministries, Leesville, SC

As proven watchmen in Washington, DC, Jon and Jolene Hamill have great insight into the godly and ungodly workings in and through our nation’s capital that have influenced our country and the world. In White House Watchmen, they have developed a book of facts and strategies to help us see the history and God’s future strategy to continue in advancing the Kingdom of God. This book is a great read and instruction for all of us as we are all called to be watchmen.
John Benefiel, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network

About the Author:
Jon and Jolene Hamill are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Based in Washington DC they have witnessed firsthand the power of biblical equipping, watchman prayer, and prophetic ministry to catalyze God’s intended turnaround. They are popular speakers nationally and internationally and are active in media, producing an online blog that reaches many thousands weekly. The founders of Lamplighter Ministries, Hon and Jolene have authored three books including the recently published White House Watchmen.