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Way of Blessing
Way of Blessing by Roy Godwin with Dave Roberts

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Author: Roy Godwin with Dave Roberts
Subtitle: Stepping into the Mission and Presence of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 221 Pages
Published: 2016

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How can we become God’s conduit for healing to those around us? How can we release the manifest presence of God?

You’re invited on a spiritual pilgrimage to the windswept hills of Wales. Within the small praying community known as Ffald-y-Brenin, the dear hear, the blind see, and the broken receive healing.

Roy Godwin reveals how God has given believers the authority to bless others. As the executive director of the Wales retreat center, he shares how this ministry began, stories of miraculous healings, and ways you can usher God’s presence into your community.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Here Is Love Vast as the Ocean
Chapter 2: The Revelation of the Father’s Love
Chapter 3: A Kingdom of Blessing
Chapter 4: The Instructed Heart
Chapter 5: Blessing and the Presence of God
Chapter 6: In the Name of Jesus
Chapter 7: Pronouncing the Blessings of God
Chapter 8: How Great a Salvation
Chapter 9: A Community of Blessing
Chapter 10: Surprised by the Holy Spirit: An Unexpected Movement of Blessing
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The Way of Blessing continues as a significant contribution in the exploration of what God can and does do when our focus is upon blessing: God’s blessing of us and our blessing of those with whom we come into contact. We are drawn into the lives of those who come seeking and receive blessing through their stories; we are encouraged to explore what God is doing and how we can cooperate with God’s desire to bless as part of God’s Mission purpose. This book challenges God’s Church to be places of blessing founded upon how God has blessed his Church. With its focus on praying blessing, it gives us a way in which we can enter into the Mission of God which is available to us all – young and old. This is material that I want everyone in the Diocese of Willochra to have access to.
Rt. Rev. John Stead, bishop of Willochra, Australia

About the Authors:
Roy Godwin is the executive director of the Ffald-y-Brenin Trust, a missional house of prayer and Christian retreat center in Wales. He is also the founder of TransMed Vision, which plants houses of prayer in nations surrounding the Mediterranean and beyond, and local Houses of Prayer, an initiative that is exploding around the world. An international conferences speaker, Roy is also the author of bestselling The Grace Outpouring.

Dave Roberts is a teacher and author who has written several books in his own right and coauthored The Grace Outpouring with Roy.