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Warrior Bride Manual
Warrior Bride Manual by Selwyn Stevens

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Author: Selwyn Stevens
Format: 8.5 x 11" Spiral Bound
Published: 2010

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There is a war on! No one can remain neutral. Each of us is conscripted to one side or the other. You will either be a victor, or a casualty! This practical training course is aimed to equip Christians on the nature and scope of this war between the Creator God, and his attempted usurper, Satan. The goal for both sides is global domination. There is no second-place. Satan’s side will use corruption, deviance, fear and death. God’s side will use the power of the Cross, the Name and the Blood of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ben Yahweh) and the correct use of the Word of God to set captives free.

Jesus stated that He will return for His Bride. Are you a part of that Bride? If so, then you are called into The Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) and to disciple others. Liberating people and whole communities, removing corruption from politics, business etc., setting people free from drugs, sexual and other addictions. You can achieve this in your street and community. God’s Kingdom will then be increasingly evident.

Jesus intended every follower of His to participate. Those who don’t fight will not receive the spoils of war: Souls! What are you waiting for?

Table of Contents
Part 1: There’s a War On!
Why Spiritual Warfare?
The Basic Requirement: Joining God’s Army
The Spiritual Realm
The Good Guys
The Bad Guys
Fallen Angels & Demons – Enemy Soldiers
Part 2: God’s Protection Plan
Occult Check List
Wear the Armor
Part 3: Defending the Local Church Congregation
Incoming Fire for Churches
Coven Programs to Wreck Churches and Our Response
Part 4: Attacking the Darkness
Turning Churches into Armies
Spiritual Military Structure
Prayer Walking: Hidden Tool of Evangelism
Closing Gates of Hell
Spiritual Mapping: Winning Territory to Jesus
What can I Do?
Taxes and Authority
Redeem Your Land and Live in God’s Abundance
Strong Men in the Spiritual Hierarchy
Appendix 1: Overcoming Religious Spirits
Appendix 2: Financial Vision, Dealing with Mammon
Appendix 3: The Hierarchy Structure of Cosmic Beings

About the Author
Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D.; D.Min.; M.C.R.; M.I.S.D.M.; is the President of Jubilee Resources International Inc., a New Zealand-based educational and religious organization involved in informing and equipping Christians of all denominations how to reach the lost and deceived in cults, the occult and secret societies such as Freemasonry. He is also a best-selling author, international speaker, and ordained minister. Selwyn is a third-generation preacher, and has been involved in various Christian groups, and also maintains an active interest in national and world affairs and politics.