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Utilizing Gift Ministries
Utilizing Gift Ministries by Dale Sides

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Author: Dale Sides
Subtitle: Para-Church Provisions for Revival in Local Church
Format: Paperback
Length: 129 Pages
Published: 2000

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The revolutionary truth found in the Word of God concerning para-church provisions is that when local churches properly utilize these gift ministries, local church congregations mature and revivals spring forth. Is the Holy Spirit trying to bring back these ministries as the leaders and unifiers of the one body of Christ, effectively setting the stage for the Kingdom of God on this earth? May the reintroduction of these provisions into our local churches prepare the church for the coming harvest and the return of her King.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Para-church The Definition

Chapter 2: A Foundational Understanding of Church Government

Chapter 3: Integrating Para-churches Into Local Congregations

Chapter 4: Para-church Ministries Choosing a Local Church

Chapter 5: Para-church Provisions for Revival in Local Congregations

Chapter 6: Potential Pitfalls of Para-church Involvement

Chapter 7: Recommendations

End Notes

Answers for Points to Ponder


About the Author

Dale Sides is a non-denominational minister who travels worldwide, presenting classes about Church Government and Ministerial Functions as well as other timely topics. Dale is the President of Liberating Ministries for Christ International, a para-church ministry devoted to strengthening, nourishing and supporting local churches, ministries and individual believers through Biblical instruction. Dale, his wife, Vicki, and their four daughters live in Bedford, VA where Dale is a founding Elder at Lion of Judah Ministries.