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Unmasking the Bahai Faith
Unmasking the Bahai Faith by Russell Moore

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Author: Russell Moore
Subtitle: An Impossible Oneness?
Format: Booklet
Length: 52 Pages

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Table of Contents:

Who are the Baha’Is
Major Beliefs
Basic Principles
Main Teachings
Evolving Messages
The Islamic Background
Writings of Bab
Declaration of “The Glory of God”
Division in the Family
Death of “The Glory of God”
Shogi Effendi – The Guardian
Baha’I Organization and Structure
Method of Spreading the Faith
Baha’I Symbols
Major Beliefs and Teachings Examined
Claim One – The Oneness of God
Claim Two – The Oneness of Religion
Baha’Is Self-Made Trap
Test of Truth
Superiority of Christ – What is the Truth?
Claim Three – The Oneness of Humanity
Fall of Man
Other Teachings Examined
No Truth is Absolutely Relative
The Next Manifestation of God
The Resurrection of Christ
Life After Death
Preparation for the Life to Come
Progress After Death
Heaven and Hell
Heaven’s Throne
The Non-Existence of Evil
The Christian Response
How to Pray Effectively for a Baha’I
Prayer and Action of Renunciation
Appendix 1: Feasts and Holy Days
Appendix 2: Baha’I Calendar

About the Author:

Russell Moore lives in Tauranga, New Zealand, and is a businessman married with a family of three. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in theology at the New Covenant Bible College in Seminary. Russell has been involved in church life for many years, enjoying youth work, encouraging others and teaching.
For the past decade, his interest n Christian Apologetics has given many interdenominational opportunities for lecturing, seminars, church and camp meetings in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Asia, including on occasions associated with Dr. Steve Kumar, noted Christian Apologist and author, of Auckland.