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Understanding and Breaking Free From Generational Curses
Understanding and Breaking Free From Generational Curses by Peggy Elliott

Price: $19.99
Author: Peggy Elliott
Subtitle: Healing Through Deliverance Ministry
Format: Paperback
Published: 2014

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Dr. Elliott gives sound biblical support for understanding and breaking free from generational curses and for deliverance ministry.

Topics include:
  • What are generational curses?
  • Can believers be demon possessed?
  • The importance of deliverance ministry
  • How to remain free

She explains why this ministry is needed for the Body of Christ today.

Table of Contents:
My Introduction to Generational Curses
My Introduction to Deliverance Ministry
The Need for Deliverance Ministry Today
Who is Responsible?
What is a Generational Curse?
Causes of a Curse
Can Believers be Demon Possessed?
The Anatomy of a Generational Curse
Is Your Family Living Under a Generational Curse?
Sources of Curses and cults
What Breaks a Curse?
The Gift of Discernment
The Power is in the Name of Jesus
What is Deliverance Ministry?
Satan’s Tactics and Devices and Demons
Understanding the Kingdom of Darkness
Preparing for Deliverance Ministry
Unforgiveness Blocks Deliverance
Binding and Loosing
Spiritual Exam
The Second Session
Maintaining Your Deliverance

About the Author:
Peggy Elliott is an apostle, a preacher, an author, a prophetic voice and a teacher. Her passion is to equip believers in understanding the call upon their lives. Dr. Elliott is the president and founder of Peggy Elliott Ministries and The Finally Free Training Institute. Her ministry is pro-life, prayer, healing and deliverance. She is gifted in ushering believers into the presence of God. Elliott lives in Wichita, Kansas and is married, has two children and three grandchildren.