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Unceasing by Billy Humphrey

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Author: Billy Humphrey
Subtitle: An Introduction to Night & Day Prayer
Format: Paperback
Length: 137 Pages
Published: 2015

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Why night-and-day prayer? What are the biblical and historical precedents for night-and-day intercession and worship? How is unceasing prayer relevant to us today?

Billy Humphrey addresses these questions while challenging readers to consider their own calling to prayer. Unceasing: An Introduction to Night & Day Prayer presents night-and-day prayer from biblical, historical, and prophetic perspectives. Those who desire a greater understanding of the prayer movement that is sweeping the earth will find Unceasing to be an invaluable resource.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Lou Engle
Introduction: A Vision of Night-and-Day Prayer by Allen Hood
Chapter 1: It’s Happening
Chapter 2: The Origins of the Tabernacle of David
Chapter 3: David’s Vow
Chapter 4: Old Testament Accounts of Night-and-Day Prayer
Chapter 5: My House Shall be Called a House of Prayer
Chapter 6: Historical Accounts of Night-and-Day Prayer
Chapter 7: Night-and-Day Prayer in the Earth Today
Chapter 8: The Single Most Compelling Reason
Chapter 9: Speedy Justice
Chapter 10: God’s Plan for Israel’s Salvation
Chapter 11: Set Watchmen
Chapter 12: Kingdom Come
Chapter 13: The Great Drama of the Ages
Chapter 14: The Anna Anointing
Chapter 15: The Joel 2 Mandate
Chapter 16: How Now Shall We Live?
Appendix: Was Worship 24/7 in the Tabernacle of David?

About the Author:
Billy Humphrey is the director of the International House of Prayer Atlanta. In February 2006, a worship-led prayer meeting began at the house of prayer, which continues to this day. Billy and his wife, Maribeth, are committed to helping prepare a generation for global revival and the return of the Lord Jesus. They have four children, Evan, Siah, Coby, and Riah.