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Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream
Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Ira Milligan

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Author: Ira Milligan
Subtitle: Biblical Keys for Hearing God's Voice in the Night
Format: Paperback
Length: 389 Pages
Published: 2012

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Arsenal Note: This new book from Ira Milligan is a combined version of his two classic books, Understanding the Dreams You Dream Volume 1&2.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream provides insight into your nighttime experiences and your life! Also included is a comprehensive dictionary of dream symbols to guide you through the complex world of dreams.

Best-selling author and Minister Ira Milligan has decades of personal experience receiving, understanding, and interpreting dreams of his own and for others. He digs into the Scriptures and reveals biblical examples when God used dreams to communicate with His people.

You are given biblical keys for hearing Gods voice in the night through:

  • Specific, detailed directions about meditation and hearing Gods voice.
  • A comprehensive A-Z dictionary of symbol definitions.
  • Discerning the difference between God-given dreams and those from other sources.

Both normal and not-so-normal dram situations are presented, which gives you the basis for interpreting your own (or others?) destiny-revealing communications from God.

Table of Contents



Part 1: Dreams: Gods Primary Means of Communication

Chapter 1: Gods Communication

Chapter 2: Interpreting Your Dreams

Chapter 3: The Dreamers Dilemma

Chapter 4: Bible Numerology 101

Chapter 5: Multiplied Multiples

Chapter 6: Numbers to Live By

Chapter 7: Attractive Opposites

Chapter 8: Simple Solutions

Chapter 9: Coloring Within the Lines

Chapter 10: Homing in on Gods Will

Chapter 11: All Creatures Great and Small

Chapter 12: Various Vehicles

Chapter 13: Thats All, Folks!

Chapter 14: Well, Almost All

Chapter 15: Questions, Anyone?

Part 2: Key Word Dictionary of Dream Symbols With Scriptural Illustrations

Chapter 16: Animals/Birds/Fish/Insects

Chapter 17: Buildings/Rooms/Places

Chapter 18: Colors

Chapter 19: Directions

Chapter 20: Metals

Chapter 21: Numbers

Chapter 22: People/Relatives/Trades

Chapter 23: Vehicles and Parts

Chapter 24: Miscellaneous

About the Author

Ira Milligan and his wife, Judy, founded Servant Ministries in 1986. They travel internationally, presenting such seminars as: Dreams and Their Interpretation; Counseling and Inner Healing Spiritual Warfare; and Prophets and Personal Prophecy. He has taught counseling classes as a guest lecturer at Oral Roberts University. Ira and Judy have four children and eleven grandchildren. They reside in Tioga, Louisiana.