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Trauma Bonds to Time CD Teaching
Trauma Bonds to Time CD Teaching by Arthur Burk

Price: $14.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: 2CDs
Published: 2012

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What makes trauma “sticky?” Two people have a car accident on the same afternoon. A couple of years later, one of those people has no residual fear. The other person is still emotionally makred by that accident 20 years later? Why?

Clearly this is not a one-answer problem, and much has been written on the subject already. This teaching by Arthur Burk is a new paradigm which explores one of the foundational causes of sticky traumatic experiences.

It will not only help you find release from old traumas, but it will allow you to proactively change some things at the core of your spirit, so that when you face trauma in the future, it will not be sticky.

2 CD Set

CD 1
1. Made Holy
2. Batteries
3. Curses on Time
4. Sanctifying Time
5. Asymmetrical Damage
6. Class Action Lawsuit
7 Trauma Bonds to Time

CD 2
1. Judgment on God
2. Deciding to Decide
3. Confession
4. Modeling
5. Conclusion