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Tough Spots in Inner Healing CD Teaching
Tough Spots in Inner Healing CD Teaching by Arthur Burk

Price: $35.00
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 5 CDs
Published: 2018

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Have you tried all the pills, all the disciplines, all the sleep prep strategies, and you still lie awake into the wee hours of the morning?
It is possible that a certain amount of your insomnia is rooted in the spirit, not in the soul or the body.
In this teaching, Arthur addresses a variety of areas where people get stuck in their healing journey. One of the sessions is devoted to a grab bag of tools and diagnostic resources for insomnia.
At the end he does a modeling session with two participants regarding the spiritual chronometer, which is connected to the spiritual flow of time.
There are no silver bullets in this album. However, the tools are earthy and applicable in real life.
There are also tools for addressing an antichrist spirit, a prayer session dealing with the Black Cherubim that blocks intimacy with God, and strategies for people who can't get traction with deliverance. An invaluable collection of tools.

5 CD Set

CD 1: Why Do You Lack Authority?
Two Kinds of Pain
Dominion & Effectiveness
Authority vs. Power
Deliverance Prayer

CD 2: Roots of Insomnia Part 1
Diagnostics Part 1
Diagnostics Part 2
Spiritual Discernment

CD 3: Roots of Insomnia Part 2
Spiritual Chronometer
Skewed Chronometer
Anchored Chronometer
Double Chronometer

CD 4: Victories That Slip Away
Q & A
Stubborn Critters
The Trinity
False Time
Time & Space

CD 5: Intimacy with God
Experiencing God
Black Cherubim
Deliverance Prayer
Closing Comments