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Tools for Builders CD Set
Tools for Builders CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $39.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 6 CDs
Published: 2016

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As I wander through Europe savoring the lofty architecture of government and religious buildings, I wonder how they were built without modern cranes and scaffolding. As a builder at heart, I love my tools and always want more.

Through the grid of world history, we can see that we are near the end of a season of relative stability and are moving into a season of upheaval. It is precisely in these times of transition that some of the best building can be done – if you have the right tools.

This album presents a different set of tools for a very different season that we are coming into.

CD 1: Perspective on History
1. Introduction
2. Seasons of England
3. Three Structures
4. Hybrid Business
5. Kitty & Nick
6. Economic Model

CD 2: A Different Intimacy
1. Mike
2. Office of Personhood
3. Heritage
4. Transmission
5. Endurance
6. Vision & Intimacy

CD 3: The Corporate Womb
1. God’s Plans
2. The Prophetic
3. Health Care
4. Farming
5. Bed & Breakfasts
6. Textile

CD 4: Strategic Truths
1. Q & A
2. Facets of God
3. Physical Healing
4. Horizontal Networks
5. Tools

CD 5: The Prototype
1. God’s Class
2. Prototypes
3. Sergeants
4. Growth Curve

CD 6: War
1. Authority & Power
2. Growing in Prayer
3. Keepers of the Ancient Ways
4. Momentum as Builder