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Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done In Earth
Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done In Earth by Jim and Faith Chosa

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Author: Jim and Faith Chosa
Subtitle: Territorial Deliverance and Transformation
Format: 8.5x11" Paperback
Length: 247 Pages
Published: 2004

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For centuries the serpent has successfully built on the strategy he first employed in the Garden of Eden to keep the Church confined to the sinning fields of the soul, the natural spheres of time and space, and the four walls of its buildings and facilities. By his false promise, ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil, he has managed to deceptively provoke humanity into resisting and fighting evil on his battlefield using his strategies thus negating the effectiveness of the Church to go into all the world. In this resource manual for the worship, warrior sons of God, Jim and Faith Chosa unveil this hidden strategy promote a realignment of the Body of Christ to become true spiritual expressions of the Kingdom of God equipped to know how to authoritatively shift the battlefield from the soul to the spirit, from good and evil to life and death, and from darkness to light in the power of fully restored heavenly and earthly identity and destiny.

The restoration of our two-fold identity is vital to becoming agents for territorial deliverance and transformation, and the fulfillment of the Great Commission which commands the Body of Christ to take the battle for human souls to the enemy who has locked down communities, and territories by a vast power-grid network of evil legally linked into the Earth through the defiling works of humanity.

This equipping resource is divided into three parts. The first part establishes the foundational reality of the believers' Heavenly identity as redeemed, reconciled and restored spiritual sons of God in and by the Spirit of the One Son, Jesus Christ, and our highest destiny as true worshipers of God. In the reality of spiritually restored identity, believers can break out of the ineffective mold of structured religious practices, move beyond and through the cultural barriers of all people, shift the battlefield to the realm of the spirit, and dictate the terms of the battle out of the Victory of Christ.

The second part takes believers on a journey of discovering their earthly identity which carries, hidden in the DNA of this ethnic identity, God's Word of dominion hosting and stewardship authority for planet Earth. It is the supernatural liberation of our human identity which the enemy has tried to keep hidden for centuries that will empower the Church to move more effectively against, neutralize and dismantle the potent forces of spiritual, occult wickedness in the spiritual landscape of our communities. The third part unveils the battlefield from an individual, practical, tactical and territorial strategic perspective and how the enemy has arrayed his forces in this battlefield, the Biblical models for spiritual alignment of the Army of God, strategies and protocol for cleansing and delivering our homes and communities to advance the Kingdom of God, and how to effectively utilize these strategies in our territories.

Table of Contents:



Part One: Becoming Citizens of the Commonwealth of God

Chapter One: The Liberating Power of the Kingdom
The Trenton Affair
Reaping What Was Sown
Reversing the Curse of Bio-Terrorism
For Freedom He Has Set Us Free
Keys to Knowledge
Out of the Box: A Divine Encounter

Chapter Two
The Hidden Doorway of the Kingdom of Heaven
Understanding the Spiritual Heart
The Spiritual Heart According to Gods Word
Trimming the Wick: Removing Deadness from the Heart
Defining the Scriptural Parameters fro Activating the Spiritual Heart
Activation of the Spiritual Heart

Chapter Three: Speaking the Language of the Kingdom of God
Culture of Heaven Set in the Earth
The Greatest Question of the Ages: Who Is God?
Breaking Through the Ethnic Barriers of Culture
The Gospel of the Kingdom

Chapter Four: Seeing the Kingdom
Born Again to See the Kingdom
The Gospel of Redemption: An Offer That Could Not Be Refused

Chapter Five: Entering the Kingdom
The Gospel of Reconciliation: Worship in the Beauty of His Holiness
Knowing this, We Are Supernatural Sons of God
Christ Jesus, the Vehicle of My Worship

Chapter Six: Becoming Empowered Expressions of the Kingdom
The Gospel of Restoration: Our Father the Only Focus of Worship
Restoration Always Produces the Fourth Part of the Gospel of the Kingdom
The Infusion Principle: Becoming the Image and Likeness of God

Part Two: Finding Our Spot: Understanding Our Indigenous Two-fold Identity

Chapter Seven: Understanding the High Place of Our Earthly Domain
And God Called the Dry Land Earth
The Earth, a Place of Fellowship of God and Man
The Earth, a Garden Expression of the Creative Nature of God
A Platform for the Kingdom of God
Unfolding the Revelation of the Kingdom of God
The Root Connection of the Ages
The Indigenous Origin of Mans Heavenly Identity

Chapter Eight: The Strategic Battle Plan of God Set in Heavenly Places
Setting the Plan in Motion
And the Lord God Planted a Garden Eastward in Eden
And Out of the Ground Made the Lord to Grow Every Tree
And the Lord God Took the Man, and Put Him Into the Garden
Discovering the Heavenly Pattern That Establishes the Victory
Destiny Set Beforehand
The Power of First Things
Paradise Hidden Not Lost

Chapter Nine: What Does Indigenous Mean?
Unveiling the Mystery of Indigenous
He Hath Set the World in Their Heart
The Kingdom of God is Within You
The Law of Inheritance: Our Genetic Memory
The Offspring of God

Chapter Ten: Indigenous Destiny: Our Earthly Responsibility
Hosting Strangers
Indigenous Identity, Stewardship and NationalitiesOrigin of Nationalities
Carrying My Nation(s) in My Genes

Chapter Eleven: The Crisis of Human Identity: Cut Off But Not Forsaken
Adam: Am I a Man or a god?
The Indigenous Root of Racism
The Cain Generation: The Culture of the Vagabond and the Disconnected
The Ethnic Division of Humanity
Gods Redemption Hidden in Mankinds Babbling

Chapter Twelve: Who is Man That Thou, God, Art Mindful of Him?
Finding Our Spot
Crossing Over to Our Sport
The Son of God and the Son of Man
The Model of the Second Man

Chapter Thirteen: Alignment for Revival in America
The Removal of Nations: When Their Cup of Sin is Filled Up
The Indigenous Inheritance of North America
First Nation Culture Prepared for Transformation: A Missed Opportunity
The White Mans Religion Coming to America
America: A Melting Pot of Religions
Culture Can Be Redeemed
Redeeming Culture: Restoring Americas Foundations for Heavenly Fellowship
Possessing All Things in Christ
Why is it Necessary for Heavenly Authority to Link up With Ethnic Authority?

Part Three: Strategies for Territorial Deliverance and Transformation

Chapter Fourteen: The Individual Sphere of the Battlefield
Thee Destruction of Strongholds That Resist the Knowledge of God
Short-circuiting Gods Power
The Opposition of the Flesh: Keeping Our Kingly Identity Veiled
A Five-fold Prayer Model: Reducing Strongholds to Smoking Rubble

Chapter Fifteen: The Spiritual Landscape of the Strategic Battlefield
A Strategic Perspective of the Spiritual Landscape
Net/Web of Evil: The Strategic Connection of the Second Heaven to the Earth
Biblical Defilements of the Earth
Why Does the Evil One Desire the Land to be Defiled?
Tether Points: Vertical Ley Lines to Anchor Evil in the Earth
The Adversary and His Strategic Purpose
The Truth Behind Religions
The Golden Calves of Region

Chapter Sixteen: The Apostolic Model of Indigenous Authority/Territorial Transformation
Alignment with Ethnic Indigenous Authority: Becoming a Citizen of Philippi
The Ethnic Alignment of Nations: A Key of Pauls Ministry

Chapter Seventeen: Healing and Cleansing the Spiritual Landscape
Exchanging Our Shovel for a Backhoe
The Earth is the Lords
Defile Not the Land or the Land will Spew You Out
Cleansing the Land: Who is Responsible for It?
Indigenous Spiritual Strategies for Territorial Transformation
Biblical Intercession to Cleanse and Heal the Land
The Indigenous Connection of Intercession for Locked Down Territories
Territorial Transformation: A Matter of National Security

Chapter Eighteen: Repossessing the Spiritual Landscape of America
A Prayer Guideline for Territorial Deliverance and Transformation
A How-to Guide on Restoring
Gods Ownership of Your Land
Why Does the Land Need Cleansing?
Impact on God
Impact on Inhabitants
Biblical Defilements of the Earth
Who is Responsible to Clean the Land
Cleansing Our Personal Land: Healing Our DNA
Healing Our DNA
Who is Responsible for the Land of America?
Becoming As Ones Born Among the Indigenous People
Breaking Sins Power Over Your Land
Sanctifying or Setting Your Land Apart
Breaking the Legal Link of Evil in the Spiritual Landscape

Reference Notes

Diagram Illustrations
Five Basic Tenets of Human Culture
The Divine Plan, Purpose, Promise, and Pattern of God in Christ Jesus
True Cross-Cultural Relationship through the Cross of Christ
The Stronghold of Vanity in the Heart and SoulThe Pyramid Network of Evil
Linking the Principalities into the Earths Landscape

One: Understanding the Substance Principals of an Apostle
Two: Statement of Faith for Day Chief Ministries, Inc.
Three: Setting Boundaries for Native Cultural Issues and Christianity