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This Son of Mine
This Son of Mine by Malcolm Smith

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Author: Malcolm Smith
Subtitle: Discovering Your Identity in the Love of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 187 Pages
Published: 2015

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I invite you to join me on a journey into the amazing story that Jesus told of the father and his two sons. The general outline of the story is well known, but seeing its movements through the eyes of the first hearers, listening through the customs of that people, and hearing it as they heard it opens up new horizons that can be missed if we read it through our Western eyes. It becomes quickly obvious that this is not a soft sentimental mushy story of a loser coming home. Jesus is revealing the God-who-is-love in stark contrast to the false god of accusation and judgment who is exposed and dismantled in this story. The parable constitutes the war cry of the Prince of Peace! Jesus is throwing down the gantlet to the religious leaders and their teaching that held the populace in fear and bondage. It is a story that will set every human free.

Take the hand of the Holy Spirit and come with me into the most radical story that Jesus ever told.

Table of Contents:
Revelation of Agape
The Revolutionary
Four Stories
Broken Relationship
Freedom to Leave
I Have Sinned
A Plan of Salvation
Love’s Vision
This Son of Mine
Found Alive
Abundant Life
The Father’s Robe
Shoes and a Ring
Religious Rage
My Dear Child
Who Brought the Son Home?

About the Author:
Malcolm Smith was born in London, England immediately before World War 2. He came to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus in his very early teens. He began preaching in his early teens and was pastor of churches in the London area and in Ireland before coming to the U.S. in 1964. While pastoring a church in Brooklyn, NY, he experienced the Holy Spirit in a way that radically changed his ministry plunging him into leadership in the emerging Charismatic movement that opened all denominations to his message. Since then, he has traveled throughout the world teaching believers who they truly are in the love of God in Christ. He has authored a number of books and presently lives in Bandera, TX with his wife, Nancy, who joins him with her healing and prayer ministry. He conducts retreats and Bible schools and minister to a weekly fellowship on Sunday mornings in their ranch in Bandera.