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This Bloods for You - Book + CD
This Blood's for You by Tommy Combs

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Author: Tommy Combs
Subtitle: 39 Stripes for Your Salvation, Healing, and More
Format: Paperback + CD
Length: 157 Pages
Published: 2015

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Each of the 39 stripes Christ suffered were specifically for you! As you will discover in this book, every favor, benefit, and blessing we receive is because of the blood of Christ. The cruel beating and stripes Jesus endured were not only for our salvation, healing, and deliverance, but for our protection, peace, sanctification, righteousness, eternal inheritance and so much more.

The suffering inflicted on Jesus, which He received on the way to the cross and at Calvary, were beyond any pain we can imagine. God’s Son bore this agony to guarantee every benefit we can now receive.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: This Blood Gives You Life
Chapter 2: This Blood is Required for Remission of Sin
Chapter 3: This Blood is the New Covenant
Chapter 4: This Blood Washes You
Chapter 5: This Blood Cleanse You from All Sin
Chapter 6: This Blood is Perfect, Without Defect
Chapter 7: This Blood is for Your Baptism into Christ
Chapter 8: This Blood Makes You God’s Possession
Chapter 9: This Blood is for Your Redemption
Chapter 10: This Blood is for Your Forgiveness
Chapter 11: This Blood is for Your Justification
Chapter 12: This Blood is for Your Sanctification
Chapter 13: This Blood is for Your Atonement
Chapter 14: This Blood is for Your Righteousness
Chapter 15: This Blood is for Your Healing
Chapter 16: This Blood is for Your Deliverance
Chapter 17: This Blood is for Your Protection
Chapter 18: This Blood Cleanses Your Conscience
Chapter 19: This Blood Makes You Complete
Chapter 20: This Blood Paid the Price for Your Freedom
Chapter 21: This Blood Frees You from the Curse of the Law
Chapter 22: This Blood Brings You Close to God
Chapter 23: This Blood is in Remembrance of Christ
Chapter 24: This Blood Purchased the Church for You
Chapter 25: This Blood Makes You “One” with Other Believers
Chapter 26: This Blood is for Your Peace
Chapter 27: This Blood Speaks a Better Word Than the Blood of Abel
Chapter 28: This Blood Bears Witness in the Earth
Chapter 29: This Blood is the Ultimate Expression of Love
Chapter 30: This Blood Causes You to Dwell in Christ – and He is You
Chapter 31: This Blood Makes You Alive with Christ
Chapter 32: This Blood Makes You an Overcomer
Chapter 33: This Blood Gives Power Over Death
Chapter 34: This Blood Makes You a King and Priest Unto God
Chapter 35: This Blood Prepares You for Heaven
Chapter 36: This Blood Gives You Boldness
Chapter 37: This Blood is for Your Eternal Redemption
Chapter 38: This Blood is for Your Eternal Inheritance
Chapter 39: This Blood Will Cause All Creation to Sing

About the Author:
Tommy Combs is the founder of Living Word Ministries, Dora, AL. He is a businessman, international church builder, Bible teacher, and conference speaker. His weekly television ministry is seen throughout the nation and in several foreign countries.