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They Told Me Their Stories
Azusa Street They Told Me Their Stories by Tommy Welchel

Price: $15.95
Author: Tommy Welchel
Subtitle: The Youth and Children of Azusa Street Tell Their
Format: Paperback
Length: 136 Pages
Published: 2010

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Meet Brother Tommy Welchel, who at the age of seventeen, running from the law, ran right into the arms of God at Venice Beach, California. There Tommy met the Lord and settled at Pisgah where he began six years of preparing to be used of God by listening to the Saints of Azusa tell their stories over and over until they were indelibly etched in his memory. These retired saints recalled their stories of their days at The Azusa Revival when they were just teenagers and young people being used of God in mighty ways, performing breathtaking miracles and wondrous healings.

This book is the fulfillment of a prophecy made by Jean Darnall in 1966 that the stories that were etched on Tommys mind would be preserved in a book. Tommy kept her words and these exciting stories close to his heart until the day God was ready to put His plan into motion.

A must read! This book will change your life, renew your hope, and inspire you to seek Gods face in preparation for His outpouring as we begin this new century.

Table of Contents

Introductory Material

Foreword by Billye Brim

A Book of Many Authors



A Word Concerning the Shekinah Glory

Divine Appointments (Foreword by the Editor)

Introducing Brother Tommy

The Pisgah Connection

Introduction to They Told Me Their Stories

Stories from Azusa

Chapter 1: Azusa from Under the Pew Meet Sister Darnall

Chapter 2: In the Beginning Meet Sister Carney

Chapter 3: A Modern-Day Zacchaeus Meet Brother Anderson

Chapter 4: Music Filled the Air Meet Bros. Sines & Christopher

Chapter 5: Mother, Behold Thy Son Meet Brother Riggs and Mom

Chapter 6: The Topeka Connection Meet the Lankfords

Chapter 7: Living Proof Meet Sister Mangrum

Chapter 8: A Different Claim to Fame Meet Sisters Lucille & Laura

Chapter 9: A Lifetime of Miracles Meet Brother Cantrell

Chapter 10: Crossing Racial Barriers Meet Brother Garcia

Chapter 11: Suffer the Little Children Meet Sister Dundee

Chapter 12: Preparing for the Miraculous Meet Brother Fox

Chapter 13: Found Faithful Meet Sister Goldie

Chapter 14: Life Beyond Azusa Meet Brother Brown

Chapter 15: H.O.P2.E.: The Azusa Code


I believe that this book is published at exactly the right time. I read it aloud in meetings. The result is a manifestation of Gods Presence and an extreme hunger for these things in the people of God. I read it aloud on my radio program and our phones light up after each broadcast.

Billye Brim