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Supernatural Believing: Christ Conscious
Supernatural Believing: Christ Conscious by Emerson Ferrell

Price: $15.99
Author: Emerson Ferrell
Format: Paperback
Length: 141 Pages
Published: 2007

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The only thing separating us from unlimited power to change our world the way that Jesus did, is our knowledge or consciousness of Christ. Using simple, yet powerful illustrations, Emerson Ferrell explains the different between a spiritual encounter with Christ that leads to a supernatural life, and a mental experience, which leaves one "hoping" for a miracle.

Jesus left us the most lethal weapon in the universe, His love. However, believing this power is real and able to destroy every devil is one of the biggest problems in the church today. Most Christians have said an emphatic "amen" to scriptures describing our authority over the devil, as well as sickness and disease, and yet the same people are in desperate need of miracles.

Supernatural Believing is a by-product of a mind and soul whose encounter with the Holy Spirit has altered its reality forever. Never again will doubt and unbelief steal your prayers and inspirations from God. You were created to demonstrate the power of Christ and His Kingdom. The consciousness of Christ is His Kingdom and power. The miracle you need is waiting on you to believe. This book provides supernatural door into the invisible realm, where miracles are as natural as breathing. All You must do is believe.

Table of Contents:

    Foreword - John Eckhardt

  1. Centers of Belief
  2. >Sin Consciousness Vs Christ Consciousness
  3. >Believing Is the Substance of Our Reality
  4. >The Kingdom of Transforms Our Reality
  5. >Entering Christ
  6. >Divine Health
  7. Conclusion


About the Author:

Emerson Ferrell is the President of Voice of the Light Ministries which he co-founded along with his wife Ana Mendez Ferrell. The Lord has been using Emerson to provoke the Body of Christ to fast for breakthrough and to see the consciousness of Christ established in the Church. He and Ana live in Jacksonville, Florida.