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Strategies for DID Part 1
Strategies for DID Part 1 CD Set by Arthur Burk

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Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 5 CD
Published: 2018

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Forty years ago, no one knew much about Dissociative Identity Disorder. Now DID is common knowledge in the inner healing movement.

While it is wonderful that people know, the field has grown so fast at the grassroots level that a significant amount of nonproductive or hurtful procedures have become the norm.

This album is the beginning of a call for major restricting of the way we do inner healing and deliverance. This album explores the roles of trust and dignity in the healing journey. Then there is an extensive discussion of the need to heal the brain, as well as the mind, in the process. This provides valuable tools for everyone who wants a more functional life.

CD 1: History
My Story
Rebellion and Denial
Power Encounters
Healing and Deliverance
Great Exodus
My Perspective

CD 2: Legitimacy of the Therapist
Niche Authority
The Journey
Power vs. Truth
Silence of God

CD 3: Where to Begin?
Q & A
What is DID?
First Meeting
Building Trust
Trusting Jesus
Essence Statements

CD 4: What About the Brain?
Pleasure vs. Joy
Five Senses
Building Pleasure Center
Enjoying Joy
Blocked Emotions

CD 5: Feedback and Discussion
Parts and Brain