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Strategic Prayer
Strategic Prayer by Eddie Smith and Michael Hennen

Price: $14.95
Author: Eddie Smith and Michael Hennen
Subtitle: Apply the Power of Targeted Prayer
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages
Published: 2007/2013

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Learn to pray targeted, specific, result-oriented prayers!
Prayer practitioners Eddie Smith and Michael L. Hennen identify 27 principles that will equip you to pray more purposefully and effectively.

Using them, you will:
  • Focus on the Lord’s answers rather than your requests
  • Understand strategies for a successful offensive
  • Grasp the critical importance of timing
  • Learn the enemy’s goals and strategies
  • And prepare for victory as God’s glory is revealed

Complete the practical survey that follows each principle to spiritually map your prayer target. Then use your map to effectively focus both personal and corporate prayer. This goal-based, proactive approach to prayer will bring results in individuals, churches, cities, and nations as you enter into partnership with God.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Warring in Spiritual Realms
Principle 1: Strategic and Tactical Prayer
Principle 2: Targeting the Power Grid
Principle 3: Targeting Communication
Principle 4: Targeting Demonic Conveyances
Principle 5: Praying for Leadership
Principle 6: Targeting Supply
Principle 7: Targeting Strategic Positions

Part 2: Spiritual Strategy
Principle 8: Unified Command
Principle 9: Strategic Diversion
Principle 10: The Preemptive Strike
Principle 11: The Laws of the Land
Principle 12: Target Phasing
Principle 13: Target Matching
Principle 14: Time-Critical Targeting
Principle 15: The Priority Quadrant

Part 3: The Battleground of the Mind
Principle 16: Cultural Worldviews
Principle 17: Political Worldviews
Principle 18: The Spirit of Truth
Principle 19: Complaining and Discontent
Principle 20: New Thinking
Principle 21: Historical Context

Part 4: Proactive Prayer
Principle 22: Praying the Promises of God
Principle 23: Praying the Prophecies of God
Principle 24: Praying for the Gifts of God
Principle 25: Praying for the Power of God
Principle 26: Praying for the Presence of God
Principle 27: Praying for the Glory of God

About the Authors:
Eddie Smith, cofounder and president of the U.S. Prayer Center, equips pastors and intercessors worldwide. He’s coauthor of the bestseller Spiritual Housecleaning with his wife, Alice. The Smith’s make their home in Houston, Texas.

Michael L. Hennen has served as a pastor, missionary, and church planter to diverse cultures and peoples. He and his wife, Aimee, currently reside in Missouri from where they continue their international mission’s ministry.