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Silencing the Accuser Third Edition
Silencing the Accuser Third Edition by Jacquelin and Daniel Hanselm

Price: $24.99
Author: Jacquelin and Daniel Hanselman
Subtitle: Restoration of the Birthright
Format: Special Edition Spiral Bound
Length: 212 Pages
Published: 2016

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The Body of Christ is being destroyed for lack of knowledge because of the lack of wisdom and understanding of generational and personal accusations by the accuser which keeps us in captivity and blocks the flow of covenantal blessing. In this book, the Hanselmans uncover these hindrances with practical teachings and prayers that will help us find solutions for the accusations that have been used against your life. Begin the process of dismantling the accusations of the enemy against you and your family!

Table of Contents:
Restoration of Your Spiritual Birthright
Old Testament Restoration of a Family’s Birthright
How do we Prepare to be Sons of God
Arguments Against Cleansing the Bloodlines
Preparing for Generational Cleansing

Preparation for Court
Process for Dealing with Generational Accusations of Profane Worship
Process for Dealing with Generational Iniquity, Trauma, and Unforgiveness
Process for Dealing with Personal Accusations in the Court of Heaven
Confession of Faith in Jesus Christ
Dismantling the Strongman of Religion
Proclamation of Covenant
Sealing Prayer
Command the Morning

The Generational Accusations of Profane Worship
The Foundation of Profane Worship
Who Are the Fallen Sons of God?
Profane Worship Among the Nations of the Earth
Why Do We Need to Divorce the Fallen Sons of God?
Confession of Profane Worship
Dissolving the Covenants of Hell
Renouncing the Anointing of Darkness
Nullifying the Prophecies of Darkness
Petitions of Divorce from the Bloodlines
Bloodlines’ Decree
Destruction of the Inheritance of Darkness
Court Order for Assistance to the Bloodlines
Ruling of the Just Judge for Your Bloodlines
Certificate of Betrothal to the Lamb of God

Silencing Generational Accusations
Understanding Iniquity and Curse
Scriptural Pattern for Freedom from Iniquity
Iniquity of the Nations
Generational Trauma
List of Generational Iniquities
Confession of Family Sins and Iniquities
Cleansing Wicked Imaginations of the Heart
Cleansing the Gates of Our Bloodlines
Repentance for Generational Sexual Perversion
Redeeming Manhood
Redeeming Womanhood
Release form the Curse of the Bastard
Restoration of the Heart of the Family
The Command to Love
Forgiveness of Generational Enemies
Healing the Trauma of War
If a Victim Nation
If an Abuser Notion
Withholding of Tithes and Offerings
Abolishing the Curses Against the Family
Leading the Captives to Freedom
Restoration of Spiritual Birthright

Personal Accusations in the Court of Heaven
Breaking the Power of Accusation
Identity in Self
Dismantling the Lies
Freedom from Fear Through Love
Cleansing from the Adulterous Heart
Confession of Personal Treachery
Release from the Trauma of Divorce
Release from the Trauma of Abortion
Renunciation of the Kingdoms of Water Spirits
Repentance for Profane Worship of the Kingdoms of Water Spirits
Renunciation of the Kingdoms of Water Spirits Petition
Sealing Prayer

About the Authors:
Jackie and Dan Hanselman are prophetic intercessors with a burden to see the Body of Christ be the manifested Sons of God. Families, regions, and nations can be set free by the application of these prayers. It is time for the destiny of the Body of Christ to be released for the great end time harvest.