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Seven Power Principles That I Didn't Learn in Seminary
Seven Power Principles That I Didn't Learn in Seminary by C. Peter Wagner

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Author: C. Peter Wagner
Format: Paperback
Length: 86 Pages
Published: 2000

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Some Known Limitations of Seminary Training

Chapter 1: The Operational Role of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 2: Warfare Worship

Chapter 3: Prophecy: Hearing the Voice of God

Chapter 4: Miraculous Healing

Chapter 5: Demonic Deliverance

Chapter 6: Powerful Prayer

Chapter 7: Tuning in to New Power Levels

Chapter 8: Subject Index


God is alive and active today but the evidence of His activity is often difficult to find in Evangelical seminaries and the churches pastored by seminary graduates. Peter Wagner is a standard-bearer for the growing numbers of Christian leaders and churches that are moving with God beyond the drag of intellectualism. This book is a worthy summary of what God has been teaching many of us since seminary. I pray that God will use it to point the way for many more church leaders to follow the Holy Spirits guidance beyond what they learned in seminary.

Dr. Charles Kraft, Professor of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA

You have to admire Peter Wagner, not just for his literary productivity he has written over fifty books but also for his humility in wading into the most controversial areas of contemporary theological thought. Rather than fearing criticism, Dr. Wagner welcomes it, knowing that iron sharpens iron. And even though this book may provoke criticism, it also invites us to think profoundly and honestly about the churchs need for power and how she can receive it. Some readers will think that the positions espoused by Dr. Wagner are too radical. However, we are living in radical times, and perhaps, only a radical commitment to the power of Christ will get the worlds attention.

Dr. Jack Deere, President, Evangelical Foundation Ministries, Amarillo, TX

About the Author

C. Peter Wagner serves as Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute and President of Global Harvest Ministries. He is a widely recognized authority in the fields of church growth and spiritual warfare, and is the author of more than 50 books including Churchquake, Apostles and Prophets and The Prayer Warrior Series.