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Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple
Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple by Praying Medic

Price: $16.99
Author: Praying Medic
Format: Paperback
Length: 157 Pages
Published: 2015

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Is seeing in the spirit for only a few people or can anyone do it?
If you want to see angels, demons and the heavenly realms, but have been told you don’t have the gift of seeing in the spirit, this book is for you.

For years we’ve been told that seeing in the spirit is a gift given to only a few special people or an anointing that must be imparted to us by a man or woman of God. In his third book, Praying Medic presents the biblical and physiological evidence which proves that seeing in the spirit is not reserved for only a few special people, but is possible for everyone.

With the same down-to-earth teaching style he used in Divine Healing Made Simple, the author provides Bible-based teaching and dozens of testimonies and illustrations to reveal the truth about seeing in the spirit. He includes exercises at the end of the chapters to help you improve your spiritual vision.

With a little instruction, prayer and practice you can learn to see in the spirit too.

Praying Medic and his wife have only recently learned how to see in the spirit. Come along as they re-trace the path they’ve taken that has led them to see angels, demons and the heavenly realms. Whether you’re a seasoned seer or a newbie, you’ll learn from the experiences and insights they share. Not only will you develop better spiritual eyesight, but your relationship with God will grow too.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Drawing Near to God
Chapter 2: Why Do We Need Another Book on Seeing in the Spirit?
Chapter 3: Objections to Seeing in the Spirit
Chapter 4: Seeing in the Spirit: Gift or Ability?
Chapter 5: The Spiritual World
Chapter 6: Types of Visions
Chapter 7: Angels
Chapter 8: Interpretation and Confirmation
Chapter 9: Seeing in the Spirit and Prophecy
Chapter 10: Seeing in the Spirit and Healing
Chapter 11: Seeing in the Spirit and Deliverance
Chapter 12: Seeing in the Spirit and Your Personal Life

About the Author:

Praying Medic is a former atheist who has worked as a paramedic for decades. After having a dramatic encounter where God told him He would use him to heal the sick, he began praying with his patients and with strangers and has seen thousands of them healed. Through dreams, online discussions, and hands-on experience, he has discovered the answers to some of the most common questions people have about the supernatural life.