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School of the Apostles
School of the Apostles by Melvin Thompson

Price: $15.99
Author: Melvin Thompson III
Format: Paperback
Length: 34 Pages + Jounral
Published: 2017

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In this training manual, author Melvin Thompson looks at the intricate details of the calling of the apostle according to the New Testament standards. By unlocking and unfolding the structure and function of the 21st century apostle, you will be taught the importance of understanding the apostolic metron, including:
Categories of apostolic ministry
Training emerging apostles
Apostles and ranks
Apostles: wise master builders
Identifying false apostles

This training manual is also designed to bring insight to those who desire greater understanding of apostolic ministry and how to integrate their specific grace mix with the ministry of the apostle.

A call to apostleship, which comes from God, requires the comprehension of your specific commission. If you are an emerging apostle and/or apostolic believer, this basic training will assist you in assimilating God’s will and call for your life while increasing the strength of your gift and giving you a solid foundation in apostolic ministry.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Restored Hand
Chapter 2: Who is an Apostle?
Chapter 3: Jesus: The Apostle
Chapter 4: Categories of Apostolic Ministry
Chapter 5: Apostolic Ministry
Chapter 6: 8 M’s of Apostolic Ministry
Chapter 7: Training of Apostles
Chapter 8: Emerging Apostles
Chapter 9: Apostles (Different Ranks)
Chapter 10: Apostles are Wise Master Builders
Chapter 11: Mistakes Apostles Make
Chapter 12: Apostolic Metron
Chapter 13: Apostolic Traits
Chapter 14: False Apostles

About the Author:
Apostle Melvin Thompson is an apostolic and prophetic leader that God has raised up in this season to release present truth to the nations. As an apostolic leader, he travels nationally and internationally igniting flames of revival and reformation in the heart of men and women. He and his wife, Apostle Tashya, are the senior leaders of All Nations Evangelistic Church and All Nations Apostolic Network located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.