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Satans Foot Soldiers Vol 1
Satans Foot Soldiers Vol 1 by Madelene Eayrs and Michael Kleu

Price: $19.95
Author: Madelene Eayrs and Michael Kleu
Format: Paperback
Length: 207 Pages
Published: 2014

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Satan’s Foot Soldiers is a follow-up to the best-seller, Satan’s Generals. Who are these foot soldiers and how do they affect your everyday lifestyle? Are you desperate to know why you find yourself in impossible situations? Have you cried out, “Why me, Lord? Why now, Lord? Why am I suffering from this illness? What should I do, Lord?” Explore the answers to these and many other difficult questions people usually ask when confronting with illness, impending death, financial ruin or relationship issues. Discover the hidden source of your torment. Gain valuable knowledge that will help you understand and deal with your situation effectively.

It is not only the things you do, but also the attitudes you display that bring about these situations. The information in this book will challenge you to take a closer look at the attitudes you choose to display. You will also be surprised at how your attitude affects your health, your future and your wellbeing. However, not all suffering is bad – half the time it is meant to prosper you. Discover the true extent to which you can control and change your situations using the knowledge shared in this book.
This biblically based book is a treasure chest filled with the keys to your healing. So dig in, find the keys and use them. Victory in Christ is yours!

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Why do we suffer?

Section 2: The Foot Soldiers
Chapter 3: Ambition
Chapter 4: Anger
Chapter 5: Anxiety
Chapter 6: Apathy
Chapter 7: Arrogance
Chapter 8: Bitterness
Chapter 9: Compromise
Chapter 10: Control and Witchcraft
Chapter 11: Cruelty
Chapter 12: Depression
Chapter 13: Fear and Stress
Chapter 14: Greed
Chapter 15: Hate
Chapter 16: Jealousy and Envy
Appendix 1: Deliverance
Index of Physical Penalties