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Satan and His Kingdom of Darkness
Satan and His Kingdom of Darkness by Gordon Lindsay

Price: $9.95
Author: Gordon Lindsay
Format: Paperback
Length: 222 Pages

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Table of Contents:

Part 1: Satan’s Rebellion and Fall
Chapter 1: The Fall of Lucifer
Chapter 2: Satan’s Plan to Overthrow the Throne of God
Chapter 3: How Satan Planned to Continue His Rebellion
Chapter 4: the Earth Became the New Theater of War
Chapter 5: Satan and Job
Chapter 6: Satan – Ruler of This World
Chapter 7: Satan – The Father of Lies
Part 2: Fallen Angels and Demons
Chapter 9: The Origin of Demons
Chapter 10: Capabilities of Demons
Chapter 11: Stages of Demonic Control: Oppression, Obsession and Possession
Part 3: Demonic Manifestations and Delusions
Chapter 12: Spirit Phenomena as Revealed in the Scriptures
Chapter 13: Case Studies of Delusions Caused by Seducing Spirits
Chapter 14: Spiritualism
Chapter 15: Discerning Evil Spirits
Part 4: Demons and the Occult
Chapter 16: Sorcery and Divination
Chapter 17: Witchcraft: Black and White Magic
Chapter 18: Witchcraft in Foreign Lands
Chapter 19: The Demons of Spiritism
Chapter 20: Sorcerers of Yesterday and Today
Part 5: Gaining Dominion Over Satan and His Cohorts
Chapter 21: How Demons Gain Control
Chapter 22: Testing for the Presence of Evil Spirits
Chapter 23: The Ministry of Casting Out Demons
Chapter 24: Christ Brings Deliverance to the Captives

About the Author:

Born in Zion, Illinois in 1906, Gordon Lindsay was greatly influenced by the powerful healings and miracles he witnessed. After a powerful conversion to Christ, he quickly began to study the Word and minister. In 1937, he married his wife, Freda. In 1948, he started a monthly publication called The Voice of Healing, which was sent around the world to inform believers of the miracles that were happening during the tent meetings of some of the great revivalists of the 1950s and 1960s. In 1970, he started Christ For The Nations Institute, a Bible School that was designed to teach anyone the uncompromising Word of God and how to be led by the Spirit. Gordon has written 250 books/booklets which have been distributed and used to disciple believers all over the world.