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Safe in the Fathers Heart
Safe in the Fathers Heart Sylvia Gunter with Elizabeth Gunter

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Author: Sylvia Gunter with Elizabeth Gunter
Subtitle: Finding the Father's Love You Always Wanted
Format: Paperback
Length: 143 Pages
Published: 2014

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You are created at your core with a desire to be truly seen, really known, and unconditionally loved. Life has not been perfect or even easy. It never is. As you look back on what you endured or think about where you are now, it may be difficult to hear that God is a loving Father. Even if you grew up with a good father, he was not perfect. No father is. The best intentions of loving dads often get botched in execution.

These experiences can leave you with an orphaned heart. But because it is the only life you have known, it feels normal. God desires to heal the wounded places and open your eyes to experience what your true Father is like. He is strong. He is kind. He is wise. He is caring. He is near. Most importantly, He is for you. Always.

This is an invitation to wholeness, peace, and joy as you begin to live in the fullness of God’s delight in you as His child. This book is my story of discovering and experiencing the Father heart of God. I pray by sharing my story God may speak to the hearts of many. God our Father is powerful enough to create the universe and personal enough to delight in you His child. He is waiting to show you the depths of His love for you.

Table of Contents:

Personal Word
Chapter 1: My Story Begins
Chapter 2: Living from an Orphan Heart
Chapter 3: Forgiveness and Release
Chapter 4: God is My Father
Chapter 5: Our Father in Heaven
Chapter 6: So You Didn’t Have a Good Father
Chapter 7: Trust
Chapter 8: Living in Your Father’s Love
Chapter 9: It is a Battle . . . Again
Chapter 10: At the Window
Chapter 11: Trust Is a Weapon
Chapter 12: Delighting in Him
Chapter 13: You are a Father Too
Closing thoughts
More for Your Journey
More Blessings
Alphabet of the Father’s Heart
Basics of Trust
Selected Father Verses
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About the Author:

Sylvia Gunter is the founder of The Father’s Business and has authored more than a dozen books. Through her prayer resources she has encouraged and equipped believers in over 150 nations. Looking back on all that she has written, she believes this book is her legacy. It is her life message boiled down to its essential foundation – who God is and who I am in Him. He is first of all Father.