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Romes Anathemas
Romes Anathemas by Selwyn Stevens

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Author: Selwyn Stevens
Subtitle: Insights Into the Papal Pantheon
Format: Paperback
Length: 87 Pages
Published: 2016

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There are many in the Protestant community who claim boldly that the Roman Catholic Church is a cult, just like the Mormons and the Watchtower. On the other hand, the Church of Rome also has its defenders who have valid points to make.

It is necessary to locate and understand the origins of why many of the teachings the Roman Catholic Church are contrary to the Bible. Scripture is the Canon, or standard for Christian belief.

In the Gospel of St. John, we read of the marriage feast at Cana. Here Mary emphasizes the importance of Jesus and the words that He says. Realizing that the wine was gone and that she herself could not do anything, Mary tells Jesus, because He is the only One who could do something. Mary then gives the stewards a command, one that we must consider for us to be saved. Mary said, “Whatever He says to you, do it!”

These are the last recorded words of Mary and the only passage in the Bible where Mary gives a command. It is therefore important for everyone including for all Roman Catholics, to take heed to the words, “Whatever He says to you, do it!” Since the goal of all good Catholics is to get to heaven, let us look in the Bible and do what Mary said to do – read what Jesus says and do it.

Table of Contents:
Mary’s Command to Catholics
What are Curses?
The Emperor’s New Church
Church Attempts to Enforce Nicea’s Decree
The Church Gained a New Set of Holidays
The Cult of Isis
Who is “The Rock?”
What about the Fish?
Comparison Beliefs – Roman Catholic and the Bible
Evolution of Deception – Time-line of Roman Catholicism
Further Pagan Adoptions
Choices Must Be Made
An Example of False Teaching Affecting Christians Today
What About Infant Baptism?
What About the Sabbath?
Pope Francis says . . .
Pope John Paul says . . .
Saints and Dead People
So, Who Is Cursed?
Prayer of Release for Ex-Roman Catholics and Their Descendants
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About the Author:
Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D.; D.Min.; is the President of Jubilee Resources International Inc., a New Zealand-based educational and religious organization involved in informing and equipping Christians of all denominations how to reach the lost and deceived in cults the occult and secret societies such as Freemasonry. He is also a best-selling author, international speaker and ordained minister. Selwyn is a third-generation preacher, and has been involved in various Christian groups, and also maintains an active interest in national and world affairs and politics.