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Restoring Praise and Worship to the Church
Restoring Praise and Worship to the Church edited by Rodrigo Zablah

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Author: Edited by Rodrigo Zablah
Format: Paperback
Length: 235 Pages
Published: 2019

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In the most basic sense, worship is the act of offering praise to God. But worship is a much more powerful act than we are often aware. It is nothing less than an opened floodgate, unleashing a supernatural flow between Heaven and Earth.

For the first time, multiple generations of apostolic, prophetic, and warfare worship leaders join together to reveal the ways in which God is working through praise and worship today! Discover how you can participate in it, and what you can expect from this fresh move of God!

In this unique collaboration, pioneering authors David Blomgren and Bob Sorge join with emerging voices to offer a profound vision on the supernatural power of worship.

In Restoring Praise and Worship to the church, you will discover:
  • The Heart of Zion: Apostle John Eckhardt reveals the way in which worship creates a “mountain of the Lord” encounter for hearts that are set on Zion.
  • The Prophetic Vision of “Musical Eyes”: Rodrigo Zablah teaches on the importance of seeing in the spirit to release the sounds of Heaven.
  • The River of Healing Praise: Jenny Weaver shares how you can release the supernatural flow of God’s healing power through Scripture-soaked songs.

Enter into the powerful fullness of true worship and watch as Heaven’s floodgates open!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Song of the Lord
Chapter 1: The Zion Heart – John Eckhardt and Kevin Leal
Chapter 2: Song of the Lord – Rodrigo Zablah
Chapter 3: Singing the Scriptures – Jenny Weaver

Part 2: God’s Plan for Praise and Worship
Chapter 4: Worship in Theological Balance – Dr. David Blomgren
Chapter 5: King David’s New Testament Worship – Dr. David Fischer
Chapter 6: Worship: Are We Making Any Mistakes? – Ernest Gentile
Chapter 7: Teaching and Admonishing in Song – Larry Dempsey

Part 3: God’s Purpose for Praise and Worship
Chapter 8: The Full Purpose of Worship – Bob Sorge
Chapter 9: Music: Its Origin, Purposes, and Power – Mark Melby
Chapter 10: Music’s Power in the Home – Andrew Picklyk

Part 4: God’s Design for Praise and Worship
Chapter 11: How Shall We Praise God? – Dr. Graham Truscott
Chapter 12: Weapons of Worship – Dr. David Blomgren
Chapter 13: The Jehoshaphat Process – Steve Griffing
Chapter 14: Releasing Charismatic Worship – Barry Griffing
Chapter 15: Children in Worship – Arlene Friesen
Chapter 16: Praise in the Home – Andrew Picklyk
Chapter 17: Supportive Music Ministers – Dwight Greiner
Chapter 18: Spiritual Songs – Dr. David Blomgren

Part 5: God’s Desire for Praise and Worship
Chapter 19: The Spirit of Worship – Mike Herron
Chapter 20: The Prophetic Spirit in Worship – Dr. David Blomgren
Chapter 21: From Praise to Worship – Howard Rachinski
Chapter 22: Follow the Leader – Clement Ferris
Chapter 23: Wanted: Christlike Musicians – J. Mark Witt
Contributing Authors

About the Author:
Rodrigo Luna Zablah is the co-founder of APB Media alongside of John Eckhardt and Ryan LeStrange, a company featuring ebooks, online content and print books. Gifted with a strong prophetic anointing Zablah has ministered throughout the United States bringing a message of power and deliverance. Rodrigo resides in the Chicago area and is under the covering of Apostle John Eckhardt of Crusaders Church.