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Reiki Danger
Reiki Danger by Eric Harz

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Author: Eric Harz
Subtitle: Healing that Harms
Format: Booklet
Length: 62 Pages
Published: 1998

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Table of Contents:
The Reiki Alliance
Initiation into the history of Reiki
Paul: Initiated Master by the Grand Master
Irene: a Disciple of Paul
The Gathering
My Progression
The Road Home
Healing in Jesus’ Name
Reflections and Learnings
Scripture Chart
Spirit and Truth

About the Author:
Eric Harz was raised in a Christian family, and has been a participating member of a local church since his teenage years. He graduated from Houghton College, a Wesleyan Methodist school.

After several years as a married businessman with children, he received Reiki during a massage, and became enthralled with it. This consuming interest lead to his initiation as a Reiki practitioner, to obtain the second degree in Reiki, and to set his course on becoming a Reiki Master. During his time in Reiki he met the Grand Master of Reiki and became well acquainted with the “Head of the Discipline” and with the president of the Reiki Alliance. He attended the North East Reiki Gathering with practitioners from many schools of Reiki, and practiced this form of New Age healing with uncommon results.

Eric became aware of the conflict between his Lord and Reiki. When he accepted the challenge to look again at the Scriptures, he could no longer set aside the contradictions. Through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, Eric entered a period of heavy repentance. He came out knowing that what he had learned must be shared with the church at large.

This book is the result of five years of renewed devotion to the Lord Jesus and service in many areas. It contains the lessons learned from experience and insight gained from the application of the Bible. The testimony and the teaching will enable you to better discern and share the truth about Reiki.