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Redemptive Gifts of Individuals CD Set
Redemptive Gifts of Individuals CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $44.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: 8CD Set
Published: 2000

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"I'm normal, I'm normal, I'm normal!"

This was the heart cry of one lady as she listened to the teaching on her redemptive gift. For years her Christian culture had been trying to change her, making her into what they want her to be even though God had made her to be different. Finally she was validated as a legitimate person. If you don't know who you are, or if you have been trying to be what others want you to be and it has not felt right, this teaching may bring you great release. Living the life God designed you to live is liberating.

CD 1: Introduction to The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals
CD 2: Prophet
CD 3: Servant
CD 4: Teacher
CD 5: Exhorter
CD 6: Giver
CD 7: Ruler
CD 8: Mercy