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Redemption Volume One
Redemption Volume One by Martha Lucia

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Author: Martha Lucia
Subtitle: God's Magnificent Plan from the Foundation of the World
Format: Paperback
Length: 221 Pages
Published: 2015

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In her latest work, Redemption, God’s Magnificent Plan from the Foundation of the World, Vol 1, Martha shares a concise and in-depth study of God’s Word relative to Christ’s redemption of all things by His blood. You will learn about the provision and power given the Body of Christ through His atoning sacrifice. Everything under the sun has been redeemed back to the Father by the Blood of His Son. Jesus declared that His disciples would do miracles, signs and wonders . . . greater than these (John 14:12). Now we, the redeemed of the Most High God (Psalms 107:2), are called to do those greater works.

Redemption equips you with practical teachings and applications for becoming an empowered Saint of God. Martha imparts years of understanding and experience in executing righteousness and justice by His blood. Glean insight from saints that have paved the way in establishing God’s kingdom here on earth and how their acts of righteousness have affected the nations and the world. Martha’s powerful prayers and strategies are battle-tested for launching warfare and gaining victory.

Table of Contents:
Redemption – Biblical Definition
Foreword by Dr. Bill Hamon
Chapter 1: Blood Avenger
Chapter 2: Redeeming the Conscience and the Mind
Chapter 3: Redeeming the Land
Chapter 4: Redeeming the Soul
Chapter 5: Redeeming the Time
Chapter 6: Redeeming the Altar
Chapter 7: Redeeming the Woman
Chapter 8: Redeeming the Priesthood
About the Author

About the Author:
Martha Lucia is an ordained minister mandated to teach, train, and raise up an army of intercessors. She serves as a General of Intercession in the Body of Christ and has worked extensively with Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop and Founder of Christian International Apostolic Network. She serves on the Apostolic Council for Cindy Jacobs’ Generals of Intercession. Martha is the founder of The Watchman Network and a member of the Eagles of God international strategic intercession team. She is a contributing author of The Queen’s Domain, co-author of The Gate of Prayer, The Watchman, Rules of engagement Vol 1 and 2 and author of The System of the Beast and The Debt Structure.