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Receiving Direction from Above
Receiving Direction from Above by Glenn Arekion

Price: $9.99
Author: Glenn Arekion
Format: Paperback
Length: 75 Pages
Published: 2012

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In this day and age where so many voices are clamming for our attention, only one voice will make the difference in our lives. It is the ability to hear the voice from heaven. This secret will empower your life to progress.

In this powerful little book, Glenn Arekion takes you on a little journey to see the importance of receiving direction from God. Your life will never be the same, once you develop the ability to hear the voice from above.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: God Wants to Speak to You
Chapter 2: Trust God for Direction
Chapter 3: Following Direction from Above
Chapter 4: The Two Predominant Ways to Receive Direction
Chapter 5: The Holy Spirit and the Human Spirit
Chapter 6: The Voice of the Spirit and the Inward Witness
Chapter 7: Examples of Leadings from Paul’s Life and My Personal Life
Chapter 8: Fine-Tuning the Human Spirit and Personal Experiences
Chapter 9: Positioning to Receive Direction from Above

About the Author:
Dr. Glenn Arekion is a gifted teacher, conference speaker and author of more than 30 inspirational books. His television program, Faithlift, is aired twice weekly on The Word Network. Faithlift is also a daily TV program on the Faithworld Channel in the UK and all over Europe. With over two decades of experience, he travels the globe, mentoring leaders, equipping businessmen and ministering to believers who wish to fulfill their purpose in life. Dr. Glenn and his wife, Rosanna, have three children, and reside in Louisville, Kentucky.