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Ravens by Paul Cox

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Author: Paul Cox
Subtitle: Unseen Evil Unwilling Eyes
Format: Paperback
Length: 178 Pages
Published: 2012

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Ravens is the story of an American Baptist pastor and God's transformative move that brought him into a ministry of discernment and deliverance.


This book is a treasure of rich experiences. With writing that is both pleasant to read and gripping, Dr. Paul Cox describes for us the spiritual conflict – the battle that is waged silently by millions of people that cry out for freedom in Jesus. Behind that which is obvious there exists a spiritual reality. The ministry of Dr. Paul Cox will put salve on your eyes to help you discover the real reason for so much pain and the authority we have in Christ.

Rev. Claudio Freidzon, Rey de Reyes Iglesia, Buenos Aires, Argentina

About the Author:

Dr. Paul Cox is an ordained American Baptist pastor who has served as a youth pastor for nine years and a senior pastor for nineteen years. Since 1989, Paul and his wife, Donna, have been involved in prayer ministries focused on helping to liberate persons from generational spiritual bondage. Since February 1999, Paul and Donna have served as directors of Aslan’s Place, which is a ministry focused on ministering to Christian leaders so that they can walk in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Aslan’s Place also provides training so that others can minister freedom to those in bondage.