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Raising Prophetic Kids
Raising Prophetic Kids

Price: $15.99
Author: Jeri Williams
Subtitle: Who Escort Heaven to Earth
Format: Paperback
Length: 130 Pages
Published: 2009

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Prepare for a prophetic generation of Extraterrestrial Kids ready to hit planet earth with the image of God on a man. Like heavenly chariots, who access Gods Throne, they will return the tangible, sensory evidence of Gods Glory lost in Eden. This prophetic generation will reveal Jesus face on a man and become a blessing portal between heaven and earth. Only those with clean hands and a pure heart will access this inner chamber of His heart in Holy High Places. As spectacles of the image of God on a man, they will be His divine advertisement . . . spreading His fame abroad. Come join His pageantry to touch the nations with His resplendent majesty!

You will discover inspirational/practical/proven revelation on how to:

  • Lay your young prophets on the altar of His heart
  • Cultivate intimacy through holiness
  • Clothe your kids in His fiery mantle
  • Escort heaven to earth
  • Release their encoded DNA for greatness
  • Inspire a zealous, passionate heart

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Shekinah-Flame of Manifested Glory

Chapter 2: Eyes and Wings

Chapter 3: Making of the Prophet, Samuel

Chapter 4: The Ark of His Presence

Chapter 5: Strange Fire

Chapter 6: Defying the Spirit of the World

Chapter 7: No Applause

Chapter 8: Apostolic Authority

Chapter 9: God is in This Place

Chapter 10: Big Prayers from Little People

Chapter 11: Mistaken Identity

About the Author

Jeri Williams, is a prophetic minister with a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies. She is mantled by her great-great-great-grandfather, an early apostle to California in the 1850s. The zeal of this Great Awakening holiness preacher looms in her fiery ministry as she heeds his prayer to, be careful in the rearing of your sons and daughters. She resides & ministers with her family in Orange County, California.