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Prophetic Song
Prophetic Song

Price: $14.99
Author: Stan Smith
Subtitle: Gateway to Glory
Format: Paperback
Length: 158 Pages
Published: 2003

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God is releasing a new sound in the church worldwide prophetic song. Prophetic song is spontaneous, given fresh by the Holy Spirit. It is powerful, releasing an atmosphere of Gods presence in the church. It is intimate, drawing us into face-to-face and heart-to-heart encounters with God.

This book is broken into four main parts. Part One centers on the sound of many waters, which is released when believers in the church mingle their voices in free worship. Part Two focuses on David and his legacy of prophetic song lyrics in the book of Psalms. Part Three deals with the gift of prophecy in song. And Part Four tells how to give prophetic song its place in the church.

Prophetic Song: Gateway to Glory will help pastors, prophets, worshipers, and intercessors fulfill their roles in the new sound God is releasing worldwide in His church.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Prophetic Song: A New Frontier

Part One: Singing in the Spirit
Chapter 2: The Song of Creation

Chapter 3: The Prophetic Anointing

Chapter 4: God Seeks Worshipers

Chapter 5: Living Water

Part Two: Davids Prophetic Songs
Chapter 6: The Spontaneous Song

Chapter 7: Spontaneous But Skillful

Chapter 8: The Song That Starts With Need

Chapter 9: Prophetic Song in the New Testament

Part Three: The Sound of the Trumpet
Chapter 10: The Gift of Prophecy in Song

Chapter 11: Gods Song is Creative

Chapter 12: You CAN Prophecy

Chapter 13: Singing the Unlearnable Song

Part Four: Teamwork in Prophetic Song
Chapter 14: Involving the Whole Church

Chapter 15: Releasing Other Ministries

Chapter 16: The Worship Team

Chapter 17: Centered on Jesus

Chapter 18: Gateway to Glory

About the Author

Stan Smith is uniquely qualified to write about prophetic song. After receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1969, Stan began singing spontaneous songs of worship as he played guitar. He attended Pinecrest Bible Training Center in upstate New York, where he was gripped with a longing for intimacy with God. His ministry has included four years as teacher in a Bible school and seventeen years as a pastor, where he often led worship. As a pastor, Stan was able to watch the long-term effects of prophetic ministry in his congregation; therefore, he can write about prophetic song with balance. In 1999, Stan resigned as pastor so he could travel worldwide, speaking in churches, conferences, and workshops. In 2002, Stan produced a CD of prophetic songs that were sung spontaneously. Stan and his wife JoAnn live in California.