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Prophetic Made Personal
Prophetic Made Personal

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Author: Prophetic Made Personal
Format: Paperback
Length: 219 Pages
Published: 2010

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Although many may understand that God has established certain individuals as prophets, too few consider themselves in the same league. On the contrary, every believer can enter into new and fulfilling prophetic possibilities. Author Mickey Robinson provides biblical and historical background for the operation of prophetic gifts and also explains safeguards and practical methods for prophetic ministry.

Exciting discussion topics include:

  • Revelation and faith
  • Dreams and visions
  • You may all prophecy
  • Prophetic initiative, prophetic etiquette
  • The power of prophetic worship
  • Sharpening your prophetic senses
  • Making a storing case for the benefits of the local church as a prophetic base, you will see illustrated the importance of personal maturity, mutual encouragement and accountability, prophetic worship, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword by James Goll

    Introduction: Jesus, the Model Prophet

    Chapter 1: You Are Prophetic

    Chapter 2: Releasing the Prophetic Church

    Chapter 3: Revelation and Faith

    Chapter 4: Maturing in Prophetic Ministry

    Chapter 5: Dreams and Visions

    Chapter 6: You May All Prophecy

    Chapter 7: Prophetic Initiative, Prophetic Etiquette

    Chapter 8: The Power of Prophetic Worship

    Chapter 9: Sharpening Your Prophetic Senses

    Chapter 10: Pilgrimage to Destiny

    Chapter 11: The Word Made Sure


    This is the book I have been looking for over the years: Christ-centered, biblical, pastoral, practical, and personal. It builds up the whole church, which is called to be prophetic. Robinson shows us, in the words of John Wimber, that everybody gets to play. In fact, every Christian is already playing, although many dont know it. Prophecy is not a platform gift for an anointed few. Since Jesus ministry was (and is) prophetic, we all are to follow His lead.

    Robinson takes us on this journey, equipping the church, guiding us away from pitfalls and excesses and into the intimacy of hearing from the Lord, letting the Spirit lead, and doing what He say. The Purpose-Driven Church must become the Prophecy- Driven Church, and Robinson shows us how. Get this book, read it, and go for it.

    Don Williams, Ph.D., Vineyard Pastor, Santa Monica, CA

    About the Author

    After surviving a deaths door experience and spiritual rebirth, for the past 30 years Mickey Robinson has had a public speaking ministry releasing hope, encouragement and prophetic gifts. Mickey also serves as a director of Prophetic Destiny International, president of the Lazarus Foundation (a care and discipleship center for the physically challenged), and Seagate Ministries. Mickey and his wife, Barbara, four children and four grandchildren live in Franklin, Tennessee.