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Prophetic Future Concealed in Israel's Festivals
Prophetic Future Concealed in Israel's Festivals by Perry Stone

Price: $16.99
Author: Perry Stone
Subtitle: Discover Prophetic Codes Hidden in Israel's Holy Days
Format: Paperback
Length: 181 Pages
Published: 2013

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The codes are in the shadows. If you have never studied the astonishing prophecies concealed in the seven festivals of Israel, you are about to experience a powerful expose that will surprise and enlighten you. Even if you are already familiar with these feasts, you will glean fresh insight that will inspire you. Some of the topics covered in this book are:
  • What are types and shadows, and how do you discover codes concealed within these shadows?
  • Cycles and patterns, and why Satan attacks during God’s appointed seasons
  • The Rapture of righteous Believers as coded within the Feast of Trumpets
  • What is the meaning of “the last trump?”
  • The seven-year tribulation as found in the Day of Atonement
  • Prophetic insight in the Feast of Tabernacles
  • The significance of Hanukkah for Believers
  • The Purim Code and the Human Code found in the story of Esther
  • The priesthood and the patterns of First Fruits
  • Satan’s counterfeit feasts
  • Surviving winter and the bitterness of Chesvan

Perry Stone is noted globally as a teacher of Hebraic – prophetic insight, and in this book, he will unlock the prophetic future that is hidden with the feasts of the Lord. Not only in the future concealed in the past; it is also hidden in the seven feasts. Discover truths many Christians are unaware of, and explore how patterns, cycles, and types are used to reveal future events!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Codes are Hidden in the Shadows
Chapter 2: Satan’s Disruption of God’s Appointed Seasons
Chapter 3: Hiding Afar Off at Pentecost
Chapter 4: The Feast of Trumpets and the Rapture Code
Chapter 5: The Day of Atonement and the Tribulation Code
Chapter 6: The Future Great Assembly
Chapter 7: Insight Concealed in the Feast of Tabernacles
Chapter 8: The Hanukkah Code and the Cleansing of Your Temple
Chapter 9: The Purim Code in Esther
Chapter 10: The Priesthood and the Patterns of First Fruits
Chapter 11: The Bitterness of Chesvan – Surviving Winter
Chapter 12: The Mystery of the Shofar
Chapter 13: Satan’s Counterfeit Feasts
Chapter 14: The Ultimate Purpose of the Prophetic Codes

About the Author:
Evangelist Perry Stone Jr. is founder and president of the Voice of Evangelism ministry in Cleveland, TN. He has produced an extensive library of books, audio and video tapes, and hosts Manna-fest, a weekly television program airing on hundreds of Christian stations nationwide. The Voice of Evangelism has a monthly tape club, Partner Strike Force, and a bi-monthly magazine, which is mailed out across the nation.