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Prophetic Engagement The Issachar Mandate
Prophetic Engagement The Issachar Mandate by Obii Pax-Harry

Price: $13.99
Author: Obii Pax-Harry
Format: Paperback
Length: 203 Pages
Published: 2006

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Now is the time to reach out and share God with the world.  Using the gifts He gave you will bring about His purpose in your life – and the Church as a whole.

Prophetic Engagement is a “clarion call” to the prophetic church to:
  • Reposition the gift of prophecy to an interpretive role
  • Engage more proactively with Christian media
  • Serve the unsaved world with divine abilities granted by God
  • Establish an apostolic and prophetic Christian media army
  • Set firm foundations so the house of God can stand as designed
Learn today how you can move the Gospel forward!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Bridging Gaps
Chapter 2: Interpreting Transitions
Chapter 3: Time to Cross Over
Chapter 4: Life in the Spirit
Chapter 5: Faith: Unlocking the Supernatural Realm
Chapter 6: Intimacy With Christ
Chapter 7: Partnering With Heaven
Chapter 8: Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 9: Gift of Prophecy
Chapter 10: Prophecy – Still Relevant Today
Chapter 11: Gift or Office?
Chapter 12: Spheres of Influence
Chapter 13: Functions of Prophecy
Chapter 14: Value of Prophecy
Chapter 15: Exercising the Gift of Prophecy
Chapter 16: Prophetic Expectations
Chapter 17: Prophecy and Tongues
About the Author


This book helps the prophetic gift shift into a new gear.  It challenges and thrills as it draws on very broad and deep scriptural reference to relocate the prophetic calling fully into the context for which it was given, “that believers today start to exercise prophecy as a matter of mission.”  And it empowers the reader to dare to go there!
Sue Mitchell, Coauthor of Target Europe, Cofounder, Passion Europe

I first met Obii Pax-Harry through a minister/friend on my staff.  Obii later became involved in our international apostolic women’s network (WIMN) as a woman leader in England.  She is a brilliant strategist, intercessor, prophet to the nations, and minister of the Gospel.  It doesn’t surprise me that Obii would have a special word for this season in the Body of Christ.  May we all be awakened to the signs of the times and fulfill our God-given mandates.
Sharon Predovitch, Co-Pastor, Resurrection Life Church & World Ministry Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Divine connections are essential if we’re to discover the true “hearing” and “seeing” in the Spirit of God for these days.  Kerry and I experienced that “divine connection” when we met Obii Pax-Harry for the first time a few years ago.
Obii and her team at Women Arise have consistently spoken into the ministry of Cross Rhythms with accuracy and thus great spiritual encouragement, which has been vital for the team as we have pursued righteous broadcasting.
“Words are the garments that clothe our thoughts” and this “honesty of transparency” is an essential quality, especially for the prophetic gift among us, to ensure the prophetic gift is really speaking on behalf of God.  We have found a great integrity within Obii’s life to pursue this reconciliation of accuracy.
Chris and Kerry Cole, Founders, Cross Rhythms

About the Author

Obii Pax-Harry is an apostolic leader and international conference speaker recognized for her cutting-edge prophetic ministry. She is an ordained minister and pastor, an executive member of the Christian Broadcasting Council of Great Britain, and a trained and qualified lawyer.  She is married and has three children.