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Presence of Angels in Your Life
Presence of Angels in Your Life by Harry and Cheryl Salem

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Author: Harry and Cheryl Salem
Format: Paperback
Length: 294 Pages
Published: 1997

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The Presence of Angels in Your Life diligently balances the experiential with the Word of God. As one who can see into the spirit realm, coauthor Cheryl Salem regularly observes angels in services praising God, warring against demons, and bringing miracles to people.

The Presence of Angels in Your Life brings enlightenment to your mind, heart, and spirit through personal angelic encounters and practical teaching. You will be comforted by the reality of knowing that guardian angels watch over each believer from the womb to paradise and will be touched by the authors honest descriptions of encounters with both the spirit of death and with Gods angels who came to escort her daughter to Heaven.

God wants you to know and recognize the many great benefits made available to you as His child. In these last days, the onslaught of the enemy is getting more and more intense. You need access to every weapon available, especially the reality of the supernatural realm. This book is a daily guide about how to win the battles the enemy pushes your way and describes how angels are a weapon sent from God to help you fulfill your purpose.


Chapter 1: And My Eyes Were Opened

Chapter 2: Painful Obedience!

Chapter 3: Back to Buffalo

Chapter 4: Do We Sometimes Lose a Battle?

Chapter 5: Angels Can Talk!

Chapter 6: Angels Can Bring Gods Healing

Chapter 7: Angels in Washington, DC

Chapter 8: Looking for the Real Thing

Chapter 9: The Real Thing: Angels of Protection

Chapter 10: Gabion Do Angels Have Names?

Chapter 11: Are the Angels Always With Us?

Chapter 12: Angels Excel in Strength

Chapter 13: Angelic Protection: Lil Harry Believes!

Chapter 14: Angels Watching Over Gabrielle

Chapter 15: Why Do Angels Look Like They Do?

Chapter 16: Things That Go Bump in the Night

Chapter 17: Angels Praise God, Too!

Chapter 18: Basking n the Praises

Chapter 19: The Death Angel; For Whom Does He Work?

Chapter 20: Men and Angels Relationship

Chapter 21: Neither Male nor Female

Chapter 22: Only Better in Heaven

Chapter 23: Warriors: But Not Always Active Combat

Chapter 24: This Crown Only Comes With a Price

Chapter 25: Angelic Rank and Order

Chapter 26: Demons are Revealed, Too!

Chapter 27: Can Angels Hurt You?

Chapter 28: Angelic Escorts

Chapter 29: Angels Came for Her: I Said, Not Yet.

Chapter 30: Full Circle

Chapter 31: In Conclusion

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About the Author

Harry and Cheryl Salem travel the world ministering the gospel. They have written many books and produced numerous music and ministry CDs to help believers overcome and excel in their Christian lives. Their own lives revolve around seeking the Lord and where He would have them go. Two by two they travel, loving Gods people, living and moving in His anointing.