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Praying for Revival
Praying for Revival by Brian Edwards

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Author: Brian Edwards
Format: Paperback
Length: 195 Pages
Published: 2019

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The twin volume with this, Revival – A People Saturated with God, answered the question: What is “revival” in the history of the Christian church and how can we distinguish a genuine work of God’s Spirit from the false claims that often distract us? The hallmarks of God’s special occasions across the centuries and across the continents were gathered together to present a thrilling account of God’s great work in spiritual revival.

However, some questions remained:
  • Is revival and experience taught throughout the Bible?
  • If it is, can we confidently expect revival at any time?
  • Will there be a final great revival of gospel success before Jesus returns?
  • What hinders our prayer for revival?
  • How can we maintain effective prayer for revival?

These are some of the issues discussed in Praying for Revival. It steers us through the minefield of misunderstanding and provides a theological framework to support praying for revival.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What is Revival?
Chapter 2: The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and Pentecost
Chapter 3: Examples of Revival in the Old Testament
Chapter 4: Experience of Revival in the Old Testament
Chapter 5: Expectation of Revival in the Old Testament
Chapter 6: Expectation of Revival in the New Testament
Chapter 7: Expectation of Revival in the History of the Church
Chapter 8: Encouraging Prayer for Revival Using Our Bible
Chapter 9: Encouraging Prayer for Revival Using Eyewitness Accounts
Chapter 10: From Here to Where?
Scripture Index

About the Author:
Brian Edwards holds a degree in theology from the University of London. He pastored an evangelical church in London for thirty years and is the author of over twenty books. He authored All you Need to Know about the Bible and co-authored the bestselling Evidence for the Bible. Brian continues a ministry of preaching, lecturing, writing, and editing. He is married to Rosie.