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Powerful Prophetic Proclamations
Powerful Prophetic Proclamations by Kathy DeGraw

Price: $10.99
Author: Kathy DeGraw
Subtitle: Speaking Out and Writing Positive Declarations
Format: Paperback
Length: 137 Pages
Published: 2017

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Our words are assigned and have power and get results. We must be speaking out the power of simple statements and prophetic proclamations in order to instruct the spiritual realm to activate on our behalf. We have all heard of the power of positive thinking, but what about the power of positive speaking.

Author Kathy DeGraw is passionate about equipping people to speak out their prayers. She has seen fruitful results of positively proclaiming and ordering her day. Simple statements such as; give me favor, unexpected blessings and help me reach people far and wide, that she heard in her spirit to speak out manifested 15 times in just one day!

Through prophetic revelation and insight, Kathy has written these prophetic proclamations inspired by the Holy Spirit, and now she wants to empower you. These proclamations will leave you edified with abundant faith rising. She has even included thought provoking questions and journaling pages for you to write your proclamations that you can speak out loud into the spiritual atmosphere to change your day, financial situation, family relationships and more.

Be empowered by possessing what you are confessing and learning to write through this book! Kathy has seen healing occur, finances manifest, and family members set on fire for the Lord.

Table of Contents:
How to Make Your Prayers More Powerful
Abundance of Heaven
Acceptance – I Am Accepted!
Flesh Submission
Faith – I Am in Faith!
Call Forth Good Things!
Calling Forth New
Renewal and Change in a Person
New Year – New Season
Command Your Day!
Crying Out for More
Morning Declaration
Daily Release
Family and Home Blessings
Family Unity
College Student
I Am Blessed!
I Am Not Defeated!
I Have a Sound Mind
I Have the Power
I Speak Life
I Trust
Anointing Wisdom I Claim, Call Forth and Release
I Am Will Accept My Assignment!
Kingdom Destiny
Spouse’s Ministry Assignment
Kingdom Faith
Health – Healing
Physical Healing
Tithe/Offering by Pastor Ron DeGraw
Sale of a Home
Powerful Prophetic Saturation
Releasing the Past
Prophetic Fulfillment Come Forth!
Widespread Declaration
About the Author

About the Author:
Kathy DeGraw is a prophetic healing and deliverance minister who releases the love and power of God to empower believers to walk in their full destiny. She has written Speak Out and Warfare Declarations to teach people further the power of audible prayer.